Indy Johar

Co-founder Project 00, Senior Innovation Associate Young Foundation, Demos Associate, Fellow Respublica

Future of the City 

A City Fit for the Future

The Future City debate has been the driven largely by generations of technocrats, often from within technology companies and iconic architects; one half obsessed by the power of technology and the other by the literal vision of the future.

But history actually teaches us something more; a meaningful city for…

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Dark side to Open?

Does creativity and invention need the privacy, ambiguity, and the space to make mistakes gifted by darkness ?

From a theoretical and perhaps an innovation perspective (when we are taking invention and ideas to world) Open provides a fantastic architecture for mass collaboration and genuine participation and can even help drive an intrinsic morality.

Moonshots & System Change

Finding our place in the dirt or the stars..

Having been involved in a series conversations across advanced economies in Europe, India…

Publications edited by Indy Johar

Thoughts, observations, insights and inspiration from the founding team working to build an Impact Hub in the city. Running our first @Kickstarter campaign:

Building the Infrastructure for the impact Economy

Observations & questions emerging from The Civic Systems Lab & its growing community. Seeding an open knowledge base for new local civic infrastructures by @TessyBritton 

From Welfare as Cost to Collective Investment (draft)

A ‘maslow’s’ heirarchy of welfare….

Over the course of the last few months of discussions across Europe — one…

We need a new word..

Sustainability does not cut it — its lead us to a world view focused on conserving our today — a tyranny of conservation — where all efforts are redirected from the democratic dream and hope of a better tomorrow to the mere survival in the day.

As Cooper put it so well in Interstellar “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars…

We have a last mile crisis and need a first mile solution..

During the last year I have had the privilege to travel far and wide — talking to some of the great change makers from across the world. I have met well educated and articulate people seeking to reinvent the social economy through new platforms for giving, sharing…

Highlighted by Indy Johar

    Why it’s called the Social Economy……

    From the Welfare Society to the Social Economy — a macro view..

    We are in the midst of a relatively silent transition experiment — a transition from the 20th century model of the Social Welfare state to a 21st century model of the Social Economy — powered by a new investment class, new legal corporate forms, new tax codes…

    There is no Public or Private…

    Systemically going beyond the “public private divide”

    A few reflections and provocations from an interesting few days in Zurich discussing financing for public good!

    Let us work through a thought experiment — What if:

    1. The state does not automatically represent public interest — in fact a…

    Humanity V The Corporate Automaton

    Is our humanity increasingly compatible with 21st century corporatism as it stands?

    Humanity V The Automaton Corporate

    Is our humanity increasingly incompatible with 21st century corporatism as it stands?

    We have over the last 300+ years as a society evolved, designed & focused our…

    Our Small World Future


    We have lived in an age where our hands and ability to interact at a global level has been greater than our ability to sense and see the impact of the devastation we are causing.. that time has come to an end as in an increasingly Smaller World our destruction feedbacks reaches our own…