An Architecture for Outcomes..

Business Model Innovation for the Architectural Profession

Indy Johar
Apr 5, 2016 · 2 min read

Here is a challenge for us — Architects — can we stop being ‘worried’ about the future of our profession, and stop psychologically protesting — to have our value recognised publicly; instead can we actually work to systemically innovate our institutional infrastructure making it fit for the 21st Century.

Lets recast our practice to create value more transparently, innovate to strategically align ourselves to our clients & citizens and their outcomes — both in terms of risk & reward and fundamentally innovate our business model and practice.

In this future — lets:

Imagine a world where architects and were commissioned for outcomes and paid for outcomes as opposed to being paid for capital expended and as percentage of commodities utilised.

Imagine a world in which architects — as part of their contractual responsibility focused on outcomes — say enhancing innovation, empathy, retention rates, reduction of sick leave, integrity of business and took responsibility building the deep environments to enhance those outcomes and were paid to advance these issues and strategic outcomes as opposed the being paid for organising the commodity of building matter.

Let reimagine our profession from this lens.

  1. This is a profession fundamentally structured in both incentive and capacity on the creation of value not the mere organisation of commodity for media effect.
  2. This is a profession not obessed by the design of the medium [buildings, graphics, web etc] but the design of outcomes.
  3. This is a profession no longer obessed by the object and the ensuing design and forget culture but on the lived reality of our intervention and thereby the design curation of the environment to optimise [realtime and continuously]with institutional aligned outcomes.
  4. This is a profession no longer merely media validated but geneniunely focused on becoming a data optimised design discipline.
  5. This is a profession which upholds its “Hippocratic Oath” to Public Good and our responsibility to design towards it.

Now, lets reimagine our RIBA Standard Agreement to be focused on contracting for outcomes, thereby recode the RIBA Schedule of works for activity & data, reimagine our code of conduct, our insurance infrastructure, the nature & capabilities required for practice and thereby our schools of architecture.

The challenge before the profession is not about fighting for our pereceived rights and public value but about innnovating to make our selves fit for this future. Let us redream and remake this discipline and its institutional infrastructure for there is no doubting our value, merely doubts around our institutional models and our capacity to innovate them to meet the challenges and opportunities of our time.

Indy Johar

Dark Matter Labs is research laboratory of & focused on reimaging the institutional infrastructures of the 21st Century.

Indy Johar

Written by

Co-founder Project 00 & Dark Matter labs, Senior Innovation Associate Young Foundation, contact -

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