Overcoming the small.

Achieving the big.

Criticism used to hit me in quite a big way. Although I’d pretend I didn’t care what people thought about me, these opinions would eat away at my self esteem, and cause me to wonder about whether I was living my life right. Straight off, Jesus says to his followers in 2 Timothy 3:12: ‘all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.’ Sometimes, I try to imagine how I would have dealt with the true hatred some people feel for me now that I follow Christ, with my old mindset.

All things in life are steps leading to a greater prize.

I’ve recently started running. I’m only doing shorter runs in the mornings after my husband leaves for work, but I hope to build up to longer distances. Because I haven’t been running for a long time, forums online suggested I ran on Monday and Tuesday, took a break on Wednesday, and then started again for Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, my body ached. Moving to Amsterdam has caused me to exercise a lot more than I did in Brighton (mostly in the form of cycling everywhere instead of getting the bus). Combining this with the new pains of running, it’s safe to say I wanted to give up. But having this image in my mind of what I wanted to be able to achieve, I knew I had to get over the first little bit. Fight through the pain in order to achieve something greater. Thursday’s run was alleviating.

A lot of what I do puts myself on a stage for Jesus. I’m not a preacher, or a street evangelist, but even this blog has attracted trolls-turned-psychoanalysts. Even just speaking up in my A-Level Christian Ethics class often got me a verbal beating. If anything, I feel blessed to have these opportunities to be hated- it reminds me of the power of the gospel, and the fear it strikes in the heart of the enemy. Every time the little steps of life hurt, it reminds me of the greater goal, and it reminds me that life doesn’t hurt because I’m living it wrong, it hurts because I’m living it right.

I live filled with joy knowing that every door closed means another door is opening. Every time I get knocked, it makes me so much stronger. Every mistake I make has already been paid for at the cross.