Evans was hired by the California Freedom Coalition (CFC) earlier this year, which retained him through July, until, according to a CFC official, Evans “quit … without giving anyone in the CFC any warning.” That is to say, higher-ups at CFC saw fit to hire — and to retain for a number of months — someone who was intimately involved in constructing #Calexit’s ties with Russia, and then failed to fire him or let him go.
How Russia Created the Most Popular Texas Secession Page on Facebook
Casey Michel

Haha, nice, now it’s gone from a whisper campaign to outright libel!

The unnamed “CFC official” is me, his source is comments in response to this article, and this is a deliberate misreading of my and CFC President Steve Gonzales’ attempts to give the author context.

Neither of us said the CFC “hired” Marcus. After Marcus pulled the plug on Yes California’s initiative and left Yes California, we allowed him to participate as a volunteer, and did not allow him on the board or any other decision-making role.

And we sure as heck did “fire” Marcus, to the extent that anyone can fire a volunteer. As I explained in my comments, Marcus immediately lost access to Slack and Google Docs as a consequence of choosing to go back to Yes California.

I’m confused as to why the author thinks shoehorning the California Freedom Coalition into an article about (presumably) a Russian running a pro-Texas-secession Facebook group makes for a stronger article (or any sense). But if he is going to talk about the CFC, he could at least do us the courtesy of not making things up!

Update: Casey Michel eventually updated his wording from “hired” to “worked with” on Nov. 14, 2017, two months after this comment was posted.

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