Calexit is a terrible idea

Hi from across the Bay!

I think it’s great that you took the time to address Yes California’s (rather thin) arguments for California having a “right” to independence point by point. I also like that you drilled down far enough into the details to point out that in an independence scenario, Indian nations would be able to go their own way.

I also think you went a bit far in equating Californians’ intolerance of other Americans’ political beliefs with Trump’s intolerance of some Americans for their gender and ethnic background. At this point, you’re only preaching to the converted. And “a trainwreck of idiocy” — where is the love?

I think the best argument for (or against) California becoming an independent country is whether, and how, it would make life better (or worse) for Californians and other Americans.

And much a better argument as to why it’s legal (based on U.S. law, not Aristotle) is here:

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