Nikkita Chadha is a dancer, actor, model & singer based in London taking part in multiple international campaigns setting new bars for models of colour within the industry.

Recently making waves by featuring in adverts across many major brands such as Selfridges, BBC & Boohoo just to name a few, she is well on her way to making an even greater impact with each job she takes on.

Nikkita Chadha

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Have a great day all and I’ll catch you on the next one!

Hello all!

So this is the first attempt at being an interviewer! I realised I have great conversations with quite frankly awesome people at it would be terrible if nobody else got to experience all the great truth nuggets and insights i get to.

So with that, my good friend…

Indy Sagoo

I’m a London based photographer capturing the views of interesting creatives around me and occisionally giving my own views on various topics!

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