CyberDAO Presale Contract Review

Basic Information

Interesting Point

Contract Creation (Constructor)
setWhitelistSlots and setWhitelistSlot function
buy function
extendSale function
claim function
setCanClaim function.
recoverLostToken function
mint function in aCYBER.sol
aCYBER contract value

Closing Thought

  1. This is a contract where all the user’s deposit funds (FRAX) are send directly to the owner wallet which is a normal wallet.
  2. There is a risk of unlimited minting of aCYBER directly from token contract. This can cause a possible soft rug in the future, if handle improperly during the aCYBER to CYBER claiming process.
    (Note: There is no exchanging aCYBER to CYBER contract at the time of writing this)
  3. There is a risk of owner not open claiming process. This make the user unable to claim aCYBER token.
  4. Overall this is a simple and manual contract where funds goes to a normal wallet with the risk mention above.

Possible Rug Route

  1. Let people buy aCYBER in exchange of FRAX with buy function because all funds goes to owner address on deposit.
  2. Owner don’t deploy CYBER liquidity or exchange aCYBER to CYBER contract.
  1. Let people buy aCYBER in exchange of FRAX with buy function
  2. Deploy OHM fork normally and allow claiming of aCYBER to CYBER
  3. Owner use unlimited minting of aCYBER via token minting then exchange all of them for CYBER and gradually dump minted CYBER to the market. (or can just mint CYBER if that is deployed and owner can mint)




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Crypto Story and stuff

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