The every day life of Bellanator!

Part 1: The Story of my Life in 100 Words.

Born in Boston, raised in Mount Party, I guess you can say my life has always been exciting. Just kidding. A glimpse into my average suburban girl life basically consists of friends, school, sports, boys, and Rasberry Arizona iced tea. Basic I know.

Even thought I have a typical life, nothing thrills me more than making the most of every day with my friends. Also, I believe that I’m meant to do something more (although i’m not completley sure what that is yet.) Some mandatory things to know about me are my favorite show is One tree hill, I love the saying “everything happens for a reason,” and I could live off of French fries from Portillos.

14 years isn’t a long time, but I have memories and stories that could last a century.

Part 2: Graphing my life

Part 3: Music that moves me

I absolutely love to listen to music. Even though I’m completely ungifted in that category, nothing puts me in a better mood then listening to my favorite songs. My dad always teases me about liking radio stations like “B96.3" and “103.5", but that is the music I like to listen to. A couple artists that I love to listen to are Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Beyoncé. Basically anything that has a good beat to it I would love to hear. I also love songs that make me cry. Hearing singers with passion in there voices with heart breaking back stories gives me the chills. One of my ultimate favorite songs is three empty words by Shawn Mendes.

Part 4: Snapshot Moment: 9 PM on a Friday!

At the prospect football game!

Part 5: Video of my life

Part 6: Famous people that I admire

One person that I admire is Beyoncé. I admire her because she is so confident. I believe that if you are confident you can accomplish anything, and she proves that. I’n 6th grade, I was really shy. By listening to her music, I gained lots of confidence in myself and now I am no longer afraid to start conversations, and I like to consider myself the opposite of shy. I am now very outgoing, and part of me has Beyoncé to thank for that.

Another person that I admire is Selena Gomez. I admire her because she is extremely hard working and humble. Ever since she was younger she has been working to achieve her dream of being famous, and she is extremely kind to her fans. Snapshots of her meeting her supporters on Instagram shows she truly cares about individuals. Also, when I was little, one of my favorite movies was Princess Protection Program. That movie taught me the meaning of friendship and showed me it was ok to be different and try new things. I strive to be as warm hearted as her.

Finally, the last person that I admire is Sophia Bush. My favorite television show in the entire world is One tree hill. I watched all 9 seasons on Netflix in about 2 months, and nothing puts me in a better mood then binging on it. Sophia played Brooke, and she showed that it was possible to accomplish your dreams and demolish labels put on you in high school. The show was also about how important family and friends are, and about how everyone has a different personality and that’s what makes you special. Sophia shows these character traits on tv and in real life, and that’s what I admire about her.

Part 7: A quote to live by

“Everything happens for a reason.”

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