XENOPHILIA E.P. > I’m working now with a human rights lawyer based in turkey to bring legal advice to people inside Moria…….. in a musical way :)

I have endless gratitude for everyone who has helped me along the way

‘Europe’ doesnt really know how to accept all these refugees.

It has a little bit to do with racism, a little bit to do with security, a little bit to do with concerns about integration, and a little bit to do with all the myths that drive a european dialog which is always about who is being unfairly asked to do more.

“Where do YOU GO when the Wind blows WEST?”

“I want to go join the army of volunteers in Lesbos who are helping thousands of refugees every week! They help them get safely to shore, feed them, house them, clothe them, warm them up, and teach them how to register with the authorities and make asylum claims. It’s an impromptu welcome committee and it is happening in spite of a lot of official resistance to this massive migration”

Xenophilia E.P. ** WALLS
Xenophilia E.P. ** ECHOES
Xenophilia E.P. ** HUNDRED YEAR WAR
“GO EAST when the Wind blows WEST”

Cougars in America is the new alt-folk project of Canadian-turned-Bruxellois singer-songwriter, Scott Hamilton. Poet, multi-instrumentalist, and troubadour, he transforms his world into song. Taking his name from a cat that lives on only in popular myth, his lyrics express an image of humanity lost, tragic, comic and beautiful. Armed with his guitar, harmonicas, stylophone, loopstation and voice, he creates an atmosphere that is intimate, sincere, and overwhelming. His music has been compared to Bonnie Prince Billy or Sufjan Stevens, and serves in equal measures American Folk, Blues, and Indie Rock.

“Nothing further to say other than THANK YOU that was awesome”
“I could start naming names but quite literally thousands of people have turned this adventure from dream to reality”

*I will simply say THANK YOU

to all those who hold “El Derecho de Ser Felices”

“And prairie sky, please fill me full of hope 
Stretch and colour in your perfect light the pages of imagination 
Press and fold them over like the pages of emancipated birds that sing could morning to the sun”

Scott Hamiton AKA Cougars in America

→ we go zoom (while we raise the soul with its beautiful songs)


>> She carries me through days of apathy
>>She watches over me
>>She saved my life, in a manner of speaking
>>When she gave me back the power to believe


Well friends, after living several lifetimes in the span of a few brief months, I’m on the road again. There are simply not enough words in the English language to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me out during my recovery.
Thank you, grazie, danke schön, merci beaucoup. If I start naming names, it gets a little bit crazy, so I hope you know who you are and that I sure do appreciate having you as a friend!
“when the lights go down i´ll be high”
I cannot see the road beyond my nose
But I can feel it moving quickly as I run
Into the morning sun
And I’m waiting… 
Waiting for the sun 
And I’m waiting…

Waiting for the sun

and … we wait for you, your safe return from LESBOS and other millions of songs that will make us cry shouting and jumping in the sun * THANKS SCOTTY * WE LOVE YOU

— → (sentimental ) epilogue

Don´t say Goodbye…just say GOODNIGHT