INEL Company blog: Edition #2

INEL company
Feb 10 · 2 min read

It’s time for the second edition of our new weekly blog! Well, it’s been a historic week, and let me remind you why.

So, why not start with the top one?

Finally the official pre-launch of the INEL Company platform was held! The most active partners received their links for registration and started to explore the platform. At the moment, users have access to most of the announced features: stacking, buying tariff plans, real estate investments, buying INL tokens on the website and much more.

Chat reactions shocked us

If you remember, last week the Russian-speaking chat came close to the mark of 5000 participants, but it couldn’t overcome it anyway. The long-awaited news from the developers had its effect. During the first day after the landmark announcement the number of participants increased from ~4950 to ~5300, at the time of writing this article it had already surpassed 5700!

The activity increased in times: our whales woke up, who began to buy INL tokens in large batches and discuss the launch of the project, and new participants asked even more clear questions.

INL Token

Token price increased to $0.0125, but you have the possibility to buy them cheaper:

  • Via Telegram Bot at $0.0065 (soon the bot purchase will be off);
  • Buying from $1,000 per fiat/script cryptocurrency on the website through admins.

On February 15 token will rise again to 0.015$.

The Stacking program is already in available and allows you to passively accumulate INL tokens by freezing them on the platform. However, in the nearest future it will be available only for tokens sold on the site.

NLC Token

With the pre-launch of the platform, we got the opportunity to receive NLC tokens through the purchase of Tariff Plans, as well as to invest them in real estate and participate in the equity program.

Publications in media

Due to the platform pre-launch, several training materials about INEL Company tokens were published: two videos on YouTube and two publications in the official telegram channel. In addition, we learned about the prospects of the U.S. real estate market, where to invest more profitable and the global emerging real estate trends in 2020.

It is worth noting that Michael Keel’s Sunday stream on February 2 broke another record for the number of viewers and was broadcast at its peak for 1300 people! However, it’s no wonder).

Worth noting

INL token output from the bot to the platform will be available in a few days. From this point on, buying INL tokens via the bot’s telegraphs becomes unavailable.

That’s all for today, keep an eye on our telegraph channels to be aware of the breaking news!

Follow up our Telegram channel for fresh news!

INEL company

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INEL COMPANY is a crowdfunding platform for collective investment in real estate.

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