INEL Company blog: Edition #4

INEL company
Feb 24 · 3 min read

Once again, hello! Time just ran out and it’s the turn of our weekly Blog, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your reading!

As usual, let’s start with the records

This week, in just two weeks, the number of registrations on the platform exceeded 15 thousand! Partners actively created accounts, output INL tokens from the bot, purchased tariff plans and invested NLC tokens in real estate. On this occasion, CBO INEL Company Mikhail Kil recorded a video message to partners, where he also spoke about the development of training materials for partners wishing to actively develop their structure.

Chat activity

On the agenda of the Russian-speaking chat — continuation of the confrontation between the bountyists, eagerly awaiting the token on the stock exchange, and investors who don’t see the point in selling INL tokens so early. The third side is occupied by investors who are waiting for the beginning of trading on the exchange as early as the first ones, but with the absolutely opposite goal — to buy INL tokens cheaper than they are traded on the p2p-exchange of the company.

The number of chat participants hasn’t conquered the new peaks and is about 10.000 and 15.000 participants in Russian and English chat rooms respectively.

Youtube channel

Video content this week was mostly dedicated to our English speaking part of the community, we saw videos about funded, equity and affiliate programs. You can find the corresponding videos in Russian on our channel.

However, the Russian-speaking subscribers also had a lot to see, and Mikhail Kiel released two messages. We have already spoken about one of them, while in the second he reminded us that the platform is currently running in a test mode and described a correct action plan in case partners encounter any difficulties using the platform. Konstantin Latyshev, CEO of INEL Company, told in video message about detecting and closing a fraudulent structure that tried to illegally acquire a large amount of INL tokens.

Publications on the telegram channel

The beginning of the week in the telegram was marked by a short but very welcome notice that from this moment on, users can withdraw funds from the platform. We remind you that withdrawal to external wallets can take up to 24 hours. Later readers learned how to buy almost any real estate in Dubai for cryptocurrency or how to get a guaranteed and absolutely passive income from real estate. There were also detailed publications about Saving and Affiliate programs. In addition, we could read the second part of the article about Innovative Technologies in Construction and Nail Houses, which refused to leave the owners, and as a result they were surrounded by huge construction sites. And, of course, the weekly digest of events in real estate sector.

But most importantly, we’ve released WhitePaper!

You have waited a long time for it, and we are as happy as you are. Long hours of painstaking work finally brought the final result. White Paper contains all necessary information about the project, which you can use to attract new partners to your structure.

That’s it for today, everybody, keep an eye on our telegram-channel to be up-to-date with the latest news!

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