INEL Company blog: Edition #6

INEL company
Mar 11 · 3 min read

Have a good time! Introducing the new edition of our favorite weekly blog.

Most interesting

Of course, this event was waited for a long time and everyone expected it for their own reasons. Trading INL tokens on the P2PB2B exchange, as well as output from the platform are officially available! We wish you successful trading!

Due to this event, p2p exchange of INL tokens on the platform was disabled. All other pairs are still available for exchange.

Telegram channel

The instructive tone of media content in our official telegram channel is preserved this week as well. There were two training articles and also two articles about the company:

  • Advantages of marketing INEL Company. Extremely useful for partners who are actively developing their structure, information about the position of marketing programs in the structure of INEL Company.
  • Scheme of trade-in on real estate. Many people heard about buying a car by trade-in system. Did you know that such a scheme is also used in real estate?
  • Home Staging. Home staging is the science of transforming a “ killed “ house into a comfortable, ordinary — in a great, illiquid — in demand. It’ s a science about how to prepare a property for sale or rent.
  • Advantages of investing in foreign real estate. Probably the most useful of publications. You will learn from it about the reasons for investing in real estate abroad, as well as the benefits that provides INEL Company in this field.

Merchant Payeer

A week ago we wrote about connecting to the Payeer e-wallet platform. For today the input/output of means functions in full.

Bounty Company

This week was the last one for our bounty company. Thank you to all participants for your contribution to the project development! Rewards for the bounty company will be distributed within a month (instead of 3 months under the terms of the bounty). And immediately we hurry to share the great news — in the near future the company will launch a new bounty company! Follow the updates in the telegram-channel.

Pool of Benefits

The first payments to owners of INEL Company tariff plans were made from the company’s Bonus Pool. The volume of payments exceeded 50 ETH!


This week’s traditional English training consisted of two parsing tokens, one roller per INL and one NLC token. But the Russian-speaking community also had a lot to do, because the last live broadcast passed with a new host! The audience highly appreciated Olga Titarenko’s presentation, so we hope to see it again. Also, this Sunday our YouTube channel launched a new section — “Strategy of fast and explosive growth in investment company”. In addition, we start the second YouTube channel, where streams from our partners will be held, don’t miss it!

That’s all we have, follow news in our telegram channel and share your success in our lamp chat. See you soon!

INEL company

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INEL COMPANY is a crowdfunding platform for collective investment in real estate.

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