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Mar 25 · 2 min read

Hey, everybody! There’s a new edition of our weekly blog knocking on the door. So let’s remember something remarkable about last week.

Let’s start with a new one.

And that’s new — our new Youtube channel, where the first stream was held on Thursday. The peculiarity of the second channel is that it is run not by the development team, but by our partners. So far, every week there are 4 streams planned from different speakers: three in Russian and one in English. We’ ll know how it will be in practice, but in the meantime you can evaluate the first one of them in the record.

Main Youtube Channel

The first channel was resting this week) The team delighted us with only one video, where Mikhail Kiel shared pleasant news about the positive outcome of negotiations with an unnamed service with an audience of over 10 thousand people. You can watch the video and learn more details on the link.

According to the schedule, on Sunday, Michael Kiel’s CBO INEL Company was to pass the stream with a new heading “Secrets of successful sales in 2020–2021”. Unfortunately, it had to be rescheduled for a few days and should take place as soon as possible.

Social Networks

The week in social networks INEL Company begins with the Blog of the company in Medium. If you missed the previous edition, we advise you to read it, there was a lot of interesting things.

A series of useful training and analytical articles on the real estate segment this week pleased us with two publications:

  • The first one was devoted to real estate investments, or rather to whether it is a good choice compared to alternatives. Spoiler: the best!)
  • Another article is also analytical and focuses on the investment attractiveness of Greece in 2020. We strongly recommend it for reading, as it is: useful, informative and free.

As usual, the week ended with a news digest from which you can learn: what measures are being taken by the authorities to combat the coronavirus, Estonian real estate market records, the situation in Dubai and Canada.

Developers continue to delight us with new updates aimed at consolidation and further progress of our Company. This time we promise a really big update, which the team will talk about at a conference in Zoom this Wednesday.

Subscribe to our telegram channel so you don’t miss any interesting announcements and keep up to date with the latest news. And also join our Lamp Chat, where you can boast of your achievements on the INEL platform and ask questions worrying you.

INEL company

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INEL COMPANY is a crowdfunding platform for collective investment in real estate.

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