Getting Started with 1Activity

Let’s make you on-boarding smooth

1Activity is a program that saves your time, when you work on multiple projects at a time(read: always). When you want to put downloaded file to specific project folder, you should either use “Save as” dialog, or move the file to project folder from Downloads manually.

1Activity eliminates it by introducing the concept of Current activity to your system (if it sounds confusing, read “current project” instead).

When I plan my weekend, all downloads automatically go to “Weekend plans” folder. When I switch to “1Activity onboarding post”, downloads go to corresponding folder as well.

Moreover, my current project folder is always one-click away from me:

Or one keyboard shortcut. I don’t spend time browsing through the hierarchy of folder to find required folder.

Looks interesting?

To achieve this you need to configure everything properly. Let’s walk you through that.


1Activity creates a folder named “Activities” in your home folder, and a symlink named “Current” which will always be linked to your current activity folder.


To route all downloads to current activity folder you need to specify that Current symlink as a destination folder for all downloads.

The problem is that if you try to specify symlink itself, browser will resolve it, and set current activity folder as a destination. But we can trick them.

The following trick works for all major browsers — Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Opera:

  1. Rename ~/Current to ~/Current1
  2. Create folder ~/Current
  3. Set it as a Downloads location (in any number of browsers)
  4. Delete folder ~/Current
  5. Rename symlink ~/Current1 back to ~/Current
The expected result in Chrome

You can leave one browser unconfigured to keep saving everything to Downloads. You can now call it The Mess Browser :)


To make finder to open new window with your current activity folder by default, repeat the trick from above again. Expected result in settings:

The second part is even simpler. Just drag and drop our symlink to Finder sidebar:

Keyboard shortcuts

The main functionality

• Open activities switcher — ⌥Space
• Switch to previous activity — ⇧⌥Space
• Open current activity folder in Finder — ⌃⌥⌘Space

1Activity has some “note-taking” features to make you even more productive:
• To make screenshot use ⌘⇧X . “✕” is for that cross you have when you make screenshots
• Use ⌘⇧I to save clipboard contents as a text note. “I” — is for letter “i” in “clIpboard”.
• ⌘⇧O — create text note. “O” —is for letter “o” in “nOte”
• ⌘⇧U save the URL of currently opened website as a file (works in Chrome and Safari)
• When you want to rename last created file in your current activity folder — use ⌘⇧E . “E” is for letter “e” in “rEname”.

Of course, you can redefine any shortcut in 1Activity settings:

That should be it! It was not that hard at all, right?