Two reasons to abandon your cloud storage client

  • create a backup copy of your files,
  • share your files with others,
  • synchronize multiple working stations,
  • or access your files from a portable device, e.g. a tablet.

Attempt #1. WebDAV

Attempt 2. Web interface


Feature #1. Multiple clouds

Incomplete list of storages supported by Odrive

Feature #2. Unsync

Notice the file size

Оdrive + Amazon Private Cloud synergy

My personal user experience

Minor downsides:

  • Once you abandon storage client apps, you won’t be able to use data sharing features from the OS user interface.
  • Odrive cannot handle symlinks. At all. So your symlinks will end up with a permanent “Not allowed” status until you delete them manually. This means you won’t be able to upload your entire system to Amazon using Odrive.

And upsides:

  • Odrive has its own quite simple tool for sharing folders/files (implemented as a web page).
  • After several months of using Odrive, I still wasn’t able to lose any of my data, though it felt risky.
  • Amazon gives you a free subscription for three months to keep you on the hook for good, so I didn’t have to spend a dime yet.

Where does this come from




IT events enthusiast & productivity geek

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Ivan Nemytchenko

Ivan Nemytchenko

IT events enthusiast & productivity geek

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