Let’s talk about anti-design.
Simon Obirek

I don’t see the term “anti-design” as viable at all. There’s either good design or bad design, and it’s evident in every field of design…graphic, industrial, interior, fashion, and furniture design, to architecture. I don’t see Swift’s Reputation as anti-design…just good design, using a large b+w portrait of herself predominately centered, and the repetition of her name to the right. Very simple, and it gets the point across. And to disagree, I don’t think Swift’s or Kanye’s covers look ‘haphazardly put together’ (but I do favor Reputation over The LIfe of Pablo) …any good designer knows how to design with the intent to “look” haphazard but it usually takes talent to pull it off. So the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ doesn’t really apply because a good designer will design something that looks that way but knows that’s how most people (non-designers) will view it.

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