Living a life that is not ours is not a good thing. Not a good feeling. I understand this greatly. Being held back and held down. Always being told I cannot do this or that. And this or that will never work. I always bucked the system, always went against the grain. And as a result, I sort of broke free. But that is what I thought. The damage was done. I realize now as an older person that that is who I am now. Damaged. I somehow survived. How I have no idea. But I am still here and alive. As we age we learn how to cope, we become wiser and smarter. And we have more resistance. Letting others control you or hold you down is a very bad thing to happen. Don’t let that happen. Although I know how family can be. or friends. There are many things at play in this life. Many twists and turns. Many ups and downs. But through all those clouds and smokescreens, there is reality. Our reality. Just move forward. Forget all the temptations and promises and hatred. That is all part of life and things we need to avoid.

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