Who Are We?

Who are we? Where are we going? Good questions, right. Well, maybe. Are we all individuals? Do we all see things differently? Maybe we do and maybe we don’t. For the most part we might all look different, we might all think somewhat different but all in all, we are all human. The same race, regardless of color or religion or anything else for that matter. We are all spun from the same web. We all share common things physically. Mentally. Are we the offspring of an ancient alien race? WHo knows, maybe we are. We still don’t know exactly where we came from. I know evolution explains some of it. But was it really that? These things are all questionable.

We all all born to this earth. We live a lifetime, which in the scheme of things is very short. Then we die. Do we move on? Do we go anywhere? Again, no one knows. Okay, maybe a select few claim they know from afterlife experiences. But how do we know for sure? We don’t. We have to wait to get to that point before we learn anything new. I guess as smart as us humans are, we are not that smart. They claim there is a soul. Again, unknown. Some people believe in ghosts or spirits. Do they exist? Another question that cannot be completely answered. Some people believe and others do not.

In a sense we are all immortal. What I mean by that is that we live our lifetime and our lives are lived out in the past. Not that we can currently go back in time, which is becoming debatable. But we choose to believe that we live forever in a spirit form. The universe is vast and many things are unknown and unanswered. Time will tell what will be. If, that is, that we can survive as a race on this planet. From the looks of things that is seeming bleak. I am not writing about fact here. I am writing about what I think. What other might think. We are not all scholars. And we are not all perfect. That is true with every single human and animal on this planet.

That is another thing. The planet. Are we the new comers to this universe? Have we been here longer than we think? More questions, no answers. I guess what I am saying here is that we all have to look deep within ourselves and come up with our own version of what we think. That is until we learn the real truth. Some things we know as fact in the world we created. Outside of that, we are all lost and trying to find our way. Since there are a lot of questions with a lot of blank spaces, we have to fill those in with something in order for us to make any sense of things. That is the human way.

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