I’m Going 2 Die Alone
Amelia Capaz

You are not alone in this world thinking and feeling as you do. I was once that way myself. Very unsure. And to this day I am still unsure in certain aspects of my life. I knew a girl that was awesome years ago. But she was going out with someone else. She wound up leaving and I did not see her for many years. In the meantime, I found someone else and got married. Boy, what a mistake. At the time I didn’t see it, I thought everything was fine. And it wa for some years. But something happened. She cheated, lied and everything else that goes with it. Well, I did work on the marriage, counseling and all. We stayed together for more years. Then we had children. Not too long after my second child, she did it again. That was it, the marriage was over, dead. never to be repaired. But there were kids involved. I went into a tailspin, not for her, but my children. Now, many years later, I wound up bumping into the girl I new before I married. Needless to say, I am with her now. She was the right one. But I did not see it right in front of my face. Everything finally worked out. And my life feels on an even level now. As it should have been all these years. Don’t give up. Believe me. it comes, sometimes late, but it comes. If I were young again and living my life I would probably hit it off with someone like you. Being confused is normal. Just don’t jump at the first thing you think is right. After the girl I knew left hanging around, I thought the next girl was the one. She wasn’t, it was the first one. Funny how life plays tricks on us. And life is cruel and unfair. And sometimes when we let the right one slip through our fingers, we usually regret it for the rest of our lives.

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