Sweet juice of Life

And here I am … little by little … trying to find myself!

Walking towards something I do not know… where can be found and what will it be like.

The clear notion that I control nothing … and the extreme feeling of freedom that results from not having to do it…

The word to describe it is to float so it flows ……

The feeling of counter-current slows down inside the action ….

The action looks increasingly like a conditioned reflex triggered by the interaction with the exterior that restricts my possibility of exercising control… and here I stand facing this feeling of freedom that costs me the alienation and the isolation due to the misencounters with the needs and beliefs of the exterior that shout nothing at me…

… and … in this void I find another one full of almost nothing … and when I squeeze it the juice tastes sour in the bitterness of being… What shall I do with this juice?

.. I wish I had limes and lemons instead… I would use them otherwise!

To manage the fragile raw material, the frustration inside the expectation imposed by others, when what you see, feel or hear doesn’t make sense ….it is like…. to carry the marks of the chains and feel their weight in the wrists …unable to see them.

And I find myself facing one of the biggest challenges ever…Making a nice sweet and tasty juice of life with the aroma of happiness!

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