Lifestyle Design? Please, Shut the Fuck Up
Pete Ross


I understand your annoyance with people trying to make lots of money fast without offering real value — which is not exactly a unique phenomenon in any particular generation. But have you considered that you might simply not be the target group? And that young people who are fed up with their work life might not be inclined to take advice from older people like you and me, who not only had it much easier when we were younger — or so they believe — but who they see as being responsible for today’s job-market mess to boot? If they’re reluctant to accept advice from us, they only have their own generation to turn to.

And something that sounds like a basic fact of life to you could be a revelation to someone else with a lot less experience. I believe that if even one single person makes a change for the better in their life after reading these posts, even if they are of poor quality, then it’s a good thing they are being published. And if nobody does, they will disappear soon enough.

So the next time you see one, make yourself smile and think that there might be someone out there who found inspiration in it, even if that someone isn’t you. And consider that maybe it simply isn’t for you because you already have much more valuable life experience than the writer. Feel better?

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