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These are the calming and healing acupressure points, you may need to have this in your mind.

Try these points for >>

for emotional balance,

to harmonise and calm all the types of emotions,

for peaceful heart and minds,

they act as a first aid after big emotional stress,

for insomnia and panic attacks,

feeling hugged by sadness and grief.

Just hold or gently press at each point for 1–2 minutes few times per day or when needed. They are suitable for whole family, and small kids.

Peace starts within, always..

Inesa Baski,



and in the world like now, we just need to release release all, try not to store all of the emotions, events, headlines in your body.. we are all in this together.. and we are stronger together.

when you are so close to the war zone.. some days, everything is so meaningless. it is so unbelievable what is happening and that no one can stop that. the most sad spring ever in our lives…

just keep trying.. to soften our hearts, soften our minds, soften our words… let the kindness will guide our way, always. when we are kind to ourselves, we are more kind to others..

god, please save us all…

/ vilnius, lithuania, 2022 /

the last drop by Szabolcs Sipos



Winter season is all about energy saving and conserving, strengthening inner resources and stay in sync with mother nature, which is in deep deep rest and silently preparing for spring renewal. For this we need much power within.

Warm cosy time at home, comforting nourishing food, bath and sauna rituals for body and soul to rejuvenate, silent time alone and more rest for our minds. For something new to welcome we first need to release something old.

Winter element is water, our kidneys storing the main energy savings in our bodies. The movement our body will benefit now is easy and flowing like a river. Let it flow through winter, let our inner light shine our way.

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nobody and nothing will make you happy, just you

the peace, the joy, the abundance.. the source for it all is inside, deeply inside

every minute, every moment I have the possibility to choose my direction, my flow, my way

love to come to that sacred corner of my inner stillness and peacefulness

early mornings are my biggest treasures

the beauty of nature and its constant change is my beloved teacher

how gracefully nature sleeps in winter and prepares its seeds for coming spring

just flow, just easily go with the flow, and everything will happen on its own..

inesa baski, 2021–12–12, vilnius



Inesa Baski

Inesa Baski

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