Inspiration 1,2,3

Talking to a friend at work, he asked me why I hadn’t published on Medium in a while. Slightly taken by surprise; I embarrassingly told him of my lack of inspiration. I definitely have time. I just couldn’t find anything interesting to write about, as any ideas I had were shallow and weren’t worthy of posting anywhere else but here (my personal blog, which has no followers). After a lenghty HipChat conversation I find myself here, writing.

I decided to make this post about what inspires me. People usually seem to say (at least I do), that they lack inspiration. For example, I absolutely love to write, but never think anyone would be interested in reading about my “feelings”.

My life experiences inspire me. My family inspires me. What I see every day inspires me. Life decisions inspire me. My friends inspire me. The world around me inspires me.

Tonight, I was watching a politically-oriented late night TV show, where various politicians and journalists with opposing views get together and talk about the future elections here in Argentina. It’s informal, cheap and nothing I would ever think people would watch. But seeing different cultures in action, and the effect it has on you is very, very interesting.

Two years ago, fresh out of high school in New Delhi, I was inspired by dreams and ideas of one day being part of the UN or the BBC, without anything concrete to hold on to. Today, I find myself inspired by the society I live in. This show I was watching is watched by a huge part of the population on a public TV channel. I’m talking about high, middle and low class, rich and poor. And as much as I hate to admit it, because the production is tacky and cringeworthy, the exchange of ideas on this show is legit. It’s incredible how (for the first time ever I’ve had to Google a word from Spanish to English!!!!) a drastic change in environment and culture can result in a whole change in perspective.

This is when you think: I’m always whining about how I have nothing to write about, but everything around me that provokes thoughts in my head is worth it. The man that looked at me weird on the bus today, my love for rain and elephants, politicians, my job, my culture! There is no excuse to stop writing.

After two years of studying Politics and International Relations (and dropping out), I’m not particularly passionate on politics, but somehow the sociological side of elections causes so much intrigue inside me that I can’t help but be in complete awe of it. It still is astonishing how society, historically, can be partitioned by someone’s opinion. See? Even places where there is no particular interest, there is still inspiration. Indeed, even the simplest things like the blooming of flowers in spring, can serve as a source of inspiration.

The thing is, you have to work with what you’ve got. I took a look around, saw what was at my reach and I thought about what I could do with that. You shouldn’t stop dreaming, that’s true, because then you have no further aspirations. But it goes step by step. Slowly and without you even realising, you’ll get to where you want. This means having a little self-belief, failing, but getting up. Making mistakes is part of it all. It’s obvious that tomorrow my blog won’t become world-famous and I’ll have a million followers — but if I have ONE person that enjoys reading my thoughts, maybe next week it could be two.