A story about a woman trapped inside of a man’s body. Her name, Lilly.

Lilly was there all along. He just didn’t care listen to her. It was so much easier just to convey to what others expected from him. Lilly was the best part of his being, his true nature. As pure and simple as the old trees by the pawn in his hometown. She was the breeze that made them dance to the skies, the oh so sweet return of the moon after the twilight.

But life and society always suffocated her to the ground, kept her captive of the common moral. She naturally went to exile inside of him, in each cell.

Lilly, oh sweet Lilly! What have they done to you? What have you done to yourself? They don’t understand you!

You are too different, too excentric! Like a beautiful parrot, full of colour, full of life! Eager to live, excited to be!

But they don’t like colour! They don’t want anyone to live! They just want you to rest asleep inside him, in a dark dark place and never come out!

Because they don’t like what they cannot understand! They need answers and explanations for everything!

And you are so unique you are inexplicable!

That is your true beauty – you must be aprecciated without ever fully knowing who you are.

And isn’t that the beauty in everything?

Thank you Lilly:

for being yourself in a world that doesn’t comprehend!