Pros and Cons of using Wireless Headphones

What are pros and cons of wireless (also calld “Bluetooth”) headphones?


They give you a freedom of movement. With wired headphones you always need to think what are you doing and where are you doing this. You can freely raise and move your hands, leave your phone wherever you want, etc.

They are tangle-free. If you have no wires they won’t be tangled :) Yes, that’s a huge advantage of wireless headphones. You can even leave them with your keys in your pocket and everything is still going to be fine :)

They are lightweight. Wires are heavy sometimes and your headphones become more lightweight.


Sound quality is worse. It is easy to understand and everybody who have ever used Bluetooth headphones can confirm this. However, there is a ray in the cloudy sky: modern aptX codecs gives you a possibility to get almost the same sound quality as with wired headphones even after Bluetooth compression.

Unfortunately, Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) do not support aptX while Android users can enjoy the highest quality of music now.

Price is always higher. A half of the price on any wireless headphones goes for Bluetooth. There are some cheap Bluetooth headphones but they are usually built poorly and sound worse compared to their wired alternatives.

They need to be charged. If you have no wire you cannot charge your headphones or earbuds and need to spend some time every 3–4 days for this. Plus (or minus, I do not know) you still