How to create a logo: Beginner’s Guide

What is a logo?

A logo is a trademark or brand identity that is mainly composed of typography.

What are the basic qualities of a good logo?

A logo should be simple so that it retains its clarity of design in different contexts. If it is too complicated, its details may be lost when it is reduced in scale. Also, a simple logo design is faster to read, easier to remember, and consequently, readily identifiable.

What is the main function of a logo?

A logo should convey an immediate and memorable identity and must connect with its target audience in a positive manner.

How to make a logo?

Decide on the letters you need for your logotype and print them using fonts from your computer that you feel are appropriate or whose style you particularly like.
By drawing or tracing, explore the various ways that you can compose or adapt your letters to create an interesting logotype. Try techniques such as overlapping fonts; combining different fonts; adding perspective; changing scale and color; or adding a background or shadow.
Finally, through your drawings you will gradually begin to understand the design possibilities of the letters and fonts you have chosen.

Logo Design- Less is more

Over the last century, our lifestyles gradually became more complex.

Conversely, the design of logos became simpler for ease and speed of recognition in a faster world. The evolution of the Shell Logo throughout the 20th century clearly demonstrates this effect. In fact, the art of logo design illustrates the design concept “Less is More” better than any other graphic form.

Logos, as we know them today, are intelligent graphic images that are carefully designed to impart their concepts, both consciously and subconsciously, for immediate recognition by a specific target audience.

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