Which Baby Car Safety Seat Suits Your Child Best?

Keeping in mind the number of car accidents that occur every other day, you know how important it is to pick the right kind of baby car safety seats for your children. You need to buy one before hand as when your child is born, you need to guarantee safety on the road when you will be driving him or her back home from the hospital.

So, you see, choosing the right car safety seat for your baby is not a task to be taken lightly. There are many types of baby car seats available, so you should know which type is designed for your baby. You can look for these in any Singapore online baby store.


Babies have to start out in a rear facing car seat since that is the safest position for their little heads, necks and spines in a crash. Once your child is old and big enough, he or she can switch to a forward facing position. Eventually kids move on to a booster seat which lifts them so that the vehicle seat belt fits them properly.


There are many type of car seats and some of them convert from one type to another. To sort it out, let’s walk you through the five basic categories of car seats. The key points to consider here are height, weight and age of your child when you pick a particular category.

Infant Car Seats

For newborns, infant car seats are a good choice until they outgrow it. These seats face the rear of the vehicle and are designed to hold small babies securely while offering good padding and support. Check the instruction manual to know the maximum allowable height and weight They are convenient as they can be snapped in and out of the car base so that you can remove the seat and take your baby home.

Convertible Car Seats

These type of seats are for babies and bigger kids as a kid starts out rear facing, then eventually switch to forward facing. For safety purpose, keep your child rear facing for at least till he turns 2 or until he reaches the height or weight limit for rear facing position. Post that limit, you can turn the seat to face forward. Keep them in this position for as long as you can before transitioning into a booster seat.

Some convertible seats accommodate kids in this pose for many years. These seats are larger in size and aren’t meant to be carried around.

All In One Car Seat

If you can up your budget, a 3 in 1 or All in one car seat is the best choice as it can carry your child right from birth all the way to the booster seat stage. This kind of seat can be set up rear faced, front faced and eventually as a booster seat which lifts your kid so that he or she can easily wear the car safety belt. This kind of seat, too, is meant to stay in the car.

Combination Seats

These aren’t meant for babies as they don’t have the rear facing option and are designed for kids who are big and old enough to face forward. They use the built in safety harness. Once your child reaches the height and age limit, the seat can be converted into a booster one so that they can wear the regular safety belt.

Booster Seat

These seats boost kids up so that the adult seat belt ilies across their chest and hips (not across their neck and tummy). They come in two forms. High back boosters support your child’s rear, neck, head and torso. If the back seat of your car has a low back or no head rest, then your child will need a high back booster.

Backless booster simply lifts your child higher. Their only safety use is that the car’s back or headrest is tall enough to give head support. When seated on a booster, the tops of her ears must be above the car’s highest point. They are cheaper and easier to carry than high back boosters. Children should continue to travel in a booster seat until they are old enough for an adult seat belt to fit them correctly.

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Hope this helps!