GameFi: XPLA, The Journey to Brilliant Content Delivery and Experiences (Part #3)

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7 min readOct 13, 2023

2. P2O(Play to Own)

XPLA has learned from the failures of P2E in the past and has come up with a new model called P2O (Play to Own), which is being applied to ten onboarding games.

The problem with previous P2E games was that many people focused on monetization rather than gaming, and most of the acquired in-game goods were converted into stablecoins or fiat currencies outside the game, causing the value of in-game goods to decline. XPLA’s proposed P2O is a system that guarantees ownership while encouraging game lovers to invest time and resources to produce valuable game items, which are then distributed and consumed within the game. In other words, it is a model for ensuring true ownership of gamers while protecting the value of in-game goods.

XPLA has devised the following three separate economic systems to realize P2O:

1) DRAS(Dynamic Reward Allocation System): This is a system that rewards users in proportion to their rank, i.e., their gameplay time, effort, and, depending on the game, their skill. For example, in Minigame Heaven, you need to stay at the top of the top leagues every week to earn Sun Chips, which can be exchanged for XPLA. Due to the nature of Minigame Heaven, long play time does not necessarily mean that you can get a lot of Sun Chips, and you need to have a certain level of skill.

2) GGR(Gameplay Gated Rewards): This is a system where only core gamers with high loyalty can participate and earn rewards through activities such as in-game auctions and core content. For example, in Summoners War: Chronicles, only users who have achieved a certain level in the game can use the Mileage Shop, and only they can change to XPLA through intermediate goods.

3) DTCS(Dynamic Token Conversion System): This is a device to stabilize the value of in-game tokens. It is a system that sets a fixed rate for exchanging in-game goods to $XPLA tokens and a floating rate for exchanging $XPLA tokens to in-game goods, minimizing fluctuations in the value of goods and managing inflation while connecting the environment inside and outside the game. For example, in the case of Minigame Heaven, the conversion of Sunchips to $XPLA is 100:1, but the conversion of $XPLA to Sunchips changes depending on the environment outside and inside the game. In the case of Summoners War: Chronicles, we are also controlling the withdrawal pressure of rewards earned through gameplay by limiting the number of miles that can be earned with free “Rahild”.

Figure 16. Problems with Existing P2E

Source: XPLA

Figure 17. Three Systems to Solve Existing Problems

Source: XPLA

Figure 18. Flowchart of the Three Self-Contained Economic Systems

Source: XPLA

3. Three Games Recently Onboarded to XPLA and Their Tokenomics Systems

1) Minigame Heaven: Mini Games, Fun to the Max

Minigame Heaven is a casual game that allows players to easily play 14 different mini games with a single touch and has accumulated 19 million downloads. It inherited the graphics and character design of its predecessor to provide familiarity to existing fans, while strengthening the competition system based on the number of medals and user community elements to provide freshness. Within four days of its release, the game was ranked #1 on both major app stores and reached 1 million downloads within seven days. From the very beginning, GS25 convenience stores and snacks were integrated into the game to target the younger generation.

2) Summoner’s War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles is an MMORPG game that shares the world of Com2uS’s mega-hit Summoners War, which has accumulated 200 million downloads and $3 trillion in revenue. Summoners War: Chronicles offers dungeons, party play, PVP, and other content based on summoner combination combat. Loyal users who have played for a certain amount of time can exchange in-game goods acquired by playing core content (GGR system) for XPLA through in-game intermediate goods and bridge tokens. (DTCS system)

3) Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew is a collectible sports game based on the “Ace Fishing” IP, which has recorded 70 million global downloads. Players can collect a total of 54 characters and fish in new areas by leveling up through gameplay and completing daily challenges. Both Web2 and Web3 versions are available, and the Web3 version can be redeemed for $XPLA like other games.

Figure 19. Minigame Party

Source: Com2uS

Figure 20. Minigame “Turn Around” In-Game Screen

Source: INF CryptoLab

Figure 21. Tokenomics in 3 Recent Games Onboarded to XPLA

Source: INF CryptoLab

Figure 22. Tokenomics in Minigame Heaven

Source: INF CryptoLab

Figure 23. Tokenomics in Summoners War: Chronicles

Source: INF CryptoLab

Figure 24. Tokenomics in Ace Fishing: Crew

Source: INF CryptoLab

4. XPLA’s Main dApps and Services

1) xPlayz

xPlayz is a Web3 advertising platform that shares ad revenue with participants developed by ZENAAD. Unlike existing ad platforms where platforms and publishers monopolize ad revenue, xPlayz allows users to earn ad revenue as well. Users earn $XPLA based on activities such as watching ads or completing missions during gameplay. Advertisers can achieve higher advertising efficiency based on user information provided by xPlayz. For publishers, it is a scalable system that provides rewards to users and higher advertising efficiency to advertisers, making both stakeholders more valuable. xPlayz can also be utilized in conjunction with games and other dApps in XPLA, so synergies can be expected.

2) WalkMining

WalkMining is the first M2E service on the XPLA Mainnet. It lowers the barrier to entry for users by enabling them to immediately earn profits without initial investment such as NFTs. To date, it has over 1 billion steps and over 4 million in-app game plays. Recently, the company has hinted at a collaboration with Binance Gift Cards, and it’s trying something new.

Figure 25. xPlayz Ecosystem Structure

Source: xPlayz

Figure 26. WalkMining

Source: WalkMining


XPLA GAMES WALLET is a wallet dedicated to game currency and items in the XPLA ecosystem, available on AOS, IOS, and Chrome extensions. It allows you to swap in-game currency earned by playing games on XPLA GAMES into $XPLA, or swap different currency between games into the currency of the desired game. In addition, each in-game NFT can be minted inside the WALLET, and the NFT transfer function between players is also provided.

4) XPLA Game Launcher

XPLA GAMES’ Game Launcher system is a decentralized governance program that allows users to participate in the onboarding decisions of new games. Users can view detailed information (game information, playthrough videos, beta testing, etc.) about the game they wish to launch and express their support for the onboarding by purchasing a game fan card before the game is onboarded. By participating in this process, they will be able to enjoy game-related benefits by holding the Fan Card, which is issued as an NFT.

IV. Conclusion

Similar to the past paradigm shift from PC to mobile, which we discussed in a previous article (link), if there is indeed a paradigm shift from Web2 to Web3, the competition among global players in the Web3 market will enter a new phase. Com2uS Group is leading the mobile game industry and is positioning itself as a comprehensive content company that crosses Web2 and Web3, including infrastructure, media, entertainment, and webtoon, beyond games.

XPLA is in the process of realizing true ownership in a ‘P2O’ model, and will eventually position itself as a ‘game-centric comprehensive content chain that provides glorious content experiences’. To achieve this, XPLA will be required to change its role from a service provider that unilaterally provides games to a platform provider that devolves more power to the community and creates a transparent game ecosystem.

In the rapidly changing Web3 market, XPLA hopes to successfully position itself as a content-specific chain based on the challenging spirit and pioneering DNA of its core partner, Com2uS Group, and develop into a transparent and fair ecosystem while giving many users a reason to use blockchain.



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