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Naslov ovog članak nije slučajno odabran — inspiran je izjavom jednog od najcitiranijih medicinskih naučnika na svijetu, profesora Johna Ioannidisa sa Univerziteta u Stanfordu. Njegove izjave i studije, kao i studije brojnih drugih uvaženih naučnika se često kose sa politički motivisanim drakonskim mjerama i medijskim lešinarenjem koje nam svakodnevno biva nabijano na nos. Takva atmosfera nažalost potiskuje diskusiju oko srži današnje situacije — koliko je SARS-CoV-2, prostonarodno nazvan „korona virus“, zapravo opasan? Jesu li mjere koje sprovodimo srazmjerne opasnosti i šta smo sve spremni žrtvovati zarad sigurnosti od iste?

Smrtnost, zaraznost i morbiditet

Šta sve čini jedan virus opasnim? Ono što nas sasvim razumljivo…

1. Forwarding all props of a parent component to a child component

If you are a Vue.js developer, at some point you will surely be writing a component which is merely “wrapped” around another component. A so-called wrapper component will often be accepting all props that the component which it wraps also accepts. You would then want to “forward” those props to the wrapped component. Instead of doing this:

you can simply forward all of the props of the wrapper component at once by doing this:

2. Ensuring two components accept the same props

This trick can be powerfully combined with Trick #1. Now that it’s known how to forward all props to a wrapped component, one might…

The Internet is intimidatingly complicated. The ideas behind the numerous buzzword networking acronyms such as HTTP, DHCP, IP, TCP are overwhelming and headache-inducing. What do they mean and how does it all fit in the bigger picture?

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

Consider human civilization — a true systematic chaos, far too complicated to be entirely comprehended by a single person. But that is not necessary. You, as an individual, solely need to play your role, other individuals theirs and the interconnection of those roles makes up civilization. Let us approach the Internet the same way. …

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We, as humans beings, rely heavily on empirism. The external stimuli which we percieve using our five senses, plus the way we categorize and logically process those stimuli might be a fitting definition of “experience”. As a byproduct of experience, we develop mechanisms for coping with problems we face in our surroundings. It appears to function properly, most of the time. However, that does not necessarily guarantee we won’t face a problem which is located out of reach of our five senses and our logical system. This raises the question: is there a reality beyond our senses?

Hmmmm……….. I don’t…

The converter app which you will be building in this tutorial. Complete code available on GitHub : https://github.com/InfectoOne/Vue-Converter-Example-App

Let’s just get straight to the point, without philosophizing about Vue.js and making vague statements about its concepts, powers, scalability and blah blah blah. The fact is: you want to learn Vue.js now and you want to see it in action. Understanding the underlying philosophy of a development tool is a necessity for every wise software developer, but starting off by reading a bunch of theory doesn’t really ignite a fire of motivation. Obtaining some intuition beforehand does though. The idea of this article is to help beginners quickly grasp the basic Vue.js …


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