5 Design Tips for Your eBay Store Template

1.Logo for ebay store

• A clean and nice look gives your ebay store a professional look. The logo should be clean and should describe about your business visually.
• Here is an example of a logo we created for a mobile accessories ebay store in UK.

2. Design of the template

• A template is like your online leaflet. The design should be in accordance to what the business you’re into.
• If you are using software like M2Epro or any other 3rd party software, kindly ensure that you have designed the eBay listing template according to the software specification
• The most important part of the template is how you display the product and how many images you are showing. As you may know that ebay does not allow Java scripts, so to incorporate any hover click functions on the template, please ensure that they are in accordance with the ebay design standards
• Here is an example of a eBay HTML template which we created for our customer :

3. Fonts

• Fonts give a unique look to your store. The default ebay template comes with “Arial” font, however as you are looking to design your template, do ensure that you are changing your font as per the style of the logo and the brand.

Trust Seal

• One of the best thing about ebay html design is that you can add a lot of elements which might give the buyer confidence while he is coming at your store.
• You can add seals like “PayPal Verified” “Ebay Trusted Seller” — These trust seals help the buyer in the decision making.

4. Relevant Image

• A picture speaks more than 1000 words. Your product photo is the star attraction of the template. You need to have the best photo in place along with photos clicked from multiple angles. This would make the buyers more comfortable and would also give you an edge over your competitors.

5. Description

• If Photo is the heart of the template, product description is the mind.
• Product descriptions have to be clear, articulate & well-written.
• Great product descriptions have well written titles, have detailed product specification and are SEO optimized.

Terms & Conditions

• Customers would like to know about the Shipping policy, Return Policy, Damage policy (if any)
• It is very important to have the terms and conditions clearly described in the template.
• To give your customers a great experience, the best policy is to have all the terms and conditions clearly laid out in the template.

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