Scotland’s MSPs 1: Gender

This analysis was prompted by International Women’s Day (#IWD2017) which was held last week on 8th March.

The data:

Lists of MSPs for current and previous sessions of the Scottish Parliament are available from the Scottish Parliament website:

The constituency boundaries are available as part of the OS Boundary Line dataset which can be freely downloaded here:

The analysis:

Female MSPs were queried and displayed in green for each session and all 5 session outputs were animated.

The outputs:

Women Constituency MSPs

The questions:

  1. Is there any correlation between gender and political party?
  2. How does this compare to other countries?
  3. All three current major party leaders in Scotland are female — will this influence future representation?
  4. This focuses on the winning candidates — what about the gender balance of all candidates standing for election?
  5. What about other indicators of diversity?
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