An Email I Sent Arthur Chu concerning the SXSW panel cancellations

I recently read your editorial here:

I want to say while I wouldn’t accept ED as a source, nor would the Lolcow Wiki itself be a source, as citations should be reputable references backing up any claims that can be verified should be considered valid if you ask me, such as the words and commentary of the parties involved (like the archived tweets of the parties involved, which are clearly linked and properly cited on the latter), which, if you ask me, is evidence I would consider reputable.

I’m sure we disagree, but I respect your right to dissent on that.

As for the panel cancellations, I regret both panels were canceled, as it seems you do, and frankly, I wish BOTH panels could have been heard, as frankly, I’m pro-GG and you obviously consider me and my fellow gators to be harassers, but I wish you no harm, neither does anyone who shares my views to my knowledge, and I still plan to defend you against unsubstantiated claims you had anything to do with any bomb threats at any venue like you were accused some time ago because there is no proof, and no one should be accused of a crime for which there is no proof of their guilt. I also value a free exchange of ideas, and while I don’t agree with many of yours, I believe we both have a right to share our opinions bilaterally.

I also wanted to thank you for this tweet:

Whomever may be correct should be decided by the public, and if the ideas of two opposing parties are at odds, whomever is ultimately correct should be decided by letting the public hear both sides, and the party that is full of crap will become obvious.

I wanted to applaud your concession that both sides should be heard, regardless of your feelings, as I feel the same.

Further, in the interests of transparency, I plan to make a public record of this conversation in an article on, as I was libeled by Brianna Wu despite my attempts to show the same grace I am attempting to show yourself, and I feel that we should put your idea into action that the truth will become clear to the public once they are given a chance to decide for themselves whether my intentions in this missive are pure or not:

I also notice from your Twitter you’re a big sci-fi fan, and being one myself, I’d like to end this message with some words from one of my favorite sci-fi:

“Peace and long life, Mr. Chu, may you live long and prosper”

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