Crash Override: Zoe Quinn’s Magnum Opus of Lies

Sep 6, 2017 · 4 min read

Note: Zoe Quinn has stated at the beginning of her book the text is available to be excerpted for purposes of review, and I merely intend to use the first three paragraphs of her work to do this.

I have not read far in Zoe Quinn’s work, as honestly, the stench of deceit was so strong after reading not long into the prologue I had to stop in disgust, and for anyone who might be tempted to read this deceptive trash, this brief review of the first three paragraphs alone should warn you off, or at least I hope it will.

(My words in regular text, her excerpted work in italics)

Most relationships end in a breakup.

As did yours, Ms. Quinn, only it was Eron who broke it off with you. His ‘Zoe Post” explains as much, you did not cast the first stone in that regard.

Sometimes that breakup is so crazy that it becomes a horror story you tell your friends, family, and therapist.

And I don’t doubt you, but given the lies I found in your work, I doubt you told the truth to any of them.

For the past three years, I’ve watched my breakup story told and retold by
everyone from the writers on Law and Order: SVU

STOP. SVU did have an episode loosely based off the events of GamerGate, but more than just you claimed it was about them. Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and various others have claimed it represented their story, and truthfully, having watched the episode in question, it was likely inspired from multiple sources and rendered as a composite of more than one person, so without knowing exactly whom they drew inspiration from, you do not have the right to claim it was just about you.

to President Trump’s chief strategist. It has a Wikipedia page. It spawned in-jokes and internet slang and has dedicated community hubs. It has a cartoon mascot. My breakup required the intervention of the United Nations.

You mean the UN meeting you went to with Anita Sarkeesian where you used a report so poorly researched they had to withdraw it due to it’s shoddiness, and the upside of your visit to the UN was to basically demand they consider people saying mean words on the internet equivalent to a no hold barred physical beatdown.

The first paragraph of this alone is loaded with revisionist, whitewashing bullshit.

You might have heard stories about the darker side of the internet —
hackers, hordes of anonymous people attacking an unlucky target, private
nude photos made public by vengeful exes —

STOP Quinn, you’re lying. You released pornographic photos of yourself under the name Locke Valentine on a knockoff Suicide Girls website and now you want to pretend it’s revenge porn when people dig up your former porn shoot photos, photos you willfully consented to at the time.

And if you want to claim I’m being deceitful, here’s the proof this is lies on your part:

Your profile on Deviantnation

And your own admitting you were a stripper.

but to you they remain just that: stories. Surely these things would never happen to you. You’re not famous. You don’t go around picking fights with anyone online. Who would even think to mess with you?

Quinn, you have picked all sorts of fights. You even led a fake anti-harassment organization which you had the chutzpah to name this deceitful book after, the “Crash Override Network”, when it was confirmed you were the ringmaster of a bunch of scum trying to dirty, defame, dox, and otherwise harass people you considered enemies, and one of the people who used to be in your inner circle who turned his back on being a piece of shit, Ian Miles Cheong, confirmed the truth of leaks, in which he was an active party:

The leaks in a handy RAR archive, should anyone wish to see how truthful you actually are, Quinn.

I used to feel that way too. I’m an independent game developer who
makes weird little artsy video games about feelings and farts — Mario
Brothers and Call of Duty they ain’t.

You have one work to your credit, an interactive HTML game made in Twine called Depression Quest. You have a second in development game based on the work of Chuck Tingle, yet to be released at the time of this writing.

In the game world, my work was obscure enough that people could score serious hipster points by referencing it. I was a relatively low-profile internet citizen, living and working online like plenty of other people.

LIES. Your work has been whored all over Steam, and while you may not have gotten positive REVIEWS for it, just to prevent you from trying to weasel out of this lie on a technicality, you have gotten positive COVERAGE of it, most of which from people who did not disclose their partiality to you at the time you got it.

This link provides more than adequate sources to prove what I just said.

But for all its awesomeness, the internet has become such a volatile place that anyone can become a target of devastating mob harassment in an instant. Including you. Including me.

To quote Kazuhira Miller from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

“You’re not a victim, you’re the perpetrator.”

I close this by saying if anyone want to read this garbage further, I hope you have a stronger stomach than I do for this contemptible archive of lies.

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