I See My Old Stomping Grounds RationalWiki is Getting Mocked By The Kiwis

The Kiwi Farms, mockers of all people who make fools of themselves, have trained their sights on one of my old haunts.

For those not in the know, I joined RationalWiki awhile back, back when they weren’t as pathetic as they are now, back when they really were less foolish than Conservapedia, a place, which, at the time, really was as ludicrous as described (I’m a Christian and I find that place offensive in the extreme), and to be fair, RationalWiki still has some of the content that made me stick around.

Unfortunately, RationalWiki went to hell ever since the cancer known as Social Justice Warriorism infected it, and I eventually left, partially because of an editor I felt was unfairly maligned at the time (who I later denounced when I discovered they lied to me rather extensively about their past), but it was partially a convenient excuse to get away from a place that was buying into the third wave feminism, gender identity politics, and the misogyny narrative spewed by charlatans like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna “John Flynt” Wu, Zoe “Chelsea Van Valkenburg” Quinn, and so on.

To be honest, I briefly fell for it at one point because, on the surface, social justice warriorism had a noble premise and veneer of respectability. I drifted away when I realized that underneath it all was a bunch of crap dependent on manufactured outrage, first world problems, and the fact virtually every prominent practitioner turned out to be a scumbag grifter.

Unfortunately, my former colleagues at RW refused to be “rational”, drank the koolaid, and who I now see as pretentious assholes who think they know everything and are so intellectually superior they can thumb their nose at the ignorant, secure in the knowledge they are right.


The context of the quote comes from when Mayuri (the resident mad scientist, barely good guy on the protagonist side) calls out an even more disgusting would be smart guy on the antagonist side who arrogantly claims to be “perfect”, which Mayuri finds a betrayal of how a scientist is always supposed to be continually looking for answers, not assuming he knows them all.

RationalWiki has fallen into that trap, sad to say, and they have become drunk with arrogance, hence I’m not surprised they are being laughed at by the Kiwis, though to be fair, they used to just laugh at Ryulong, aka Micheal Cohen (a disgraced Wikipedian who was tossed out after blatant abuse of the mod tools, agenda warrior BS, and just being a prick in general.), who set up shop on RationalWiki to do the exact same thing, and even some of them hate Ryulong, but can do nothing to permanently remove him because David Gerard, of all people, constantly defends him for reasons that escape me.

It was the drama whoring of Ryulong that led to a more general thread laughing at RationalWiki, and I’m going to outline below what worth RationalWiki still has, and what I believe is more than worth of scorn.

First the major site sections.

  • The Creationism section is worth a look if you don’t buy into creationism, which I don’t, and is fairly decent and informative.
  • The Global Warming section is good if you believe that’s a problem (I do), and is again worth a few looks.
  • The Alternative Medicine section is probably the best of the bunch, pointing out a lot of genuine medical frauds, the dangers of homeopathy (which I consider ineffective at best and dangerous at worst), and lot of useful knowledge about the medical industry.
  • The Conspiracy Theories portal is hit and miss. They do cover a lot of genuine conspiracy theories, but the ideology of the site (highly supportive of atheism, social justice, and liberalism in general) has seeped hard into this section in recent years, with GamerGate labeled a conspiracy theory simply because they mindlessly buy everything the SJWs say as gospel and do not even pretend to be objective or willing to examine things critically. Any conspiracy that throws doubt on atheism and casts liberalism in a bad light usually gets a harsher dismissal in almost all cases then not.
  • The Ufology section isn’t too horrible, at least, if you are skeptical of such things. Same goes for the Paranormal section.
  • The Denialism section isn’t too bad, most of it’s content is worth a read, but beware, the ideology of the site has seeped into here pretty hard in the last few years as well.
  • The Logic section is again, mostly hit, but the misses come from the fact a lot of this has been twisted to make SJWism legitimized of late, so be warned.

Now that that’s over with, let’s cover their sacred cows:

  • Atheism: RationalWiki has always strongly favored atheism over any religion, even back when I was there and the place wasn’t such an insufferable pit of arrogance. I had the least problem with this because for the most part I’ve never gotten bashed over the head with how stupid I was for believing in God, and I don’t like Bible beaters anyway. Ironically, most prominent atheists have either supported GamerGate, denounced SJWism or both, so it amuses me to think how they deal with the contradiction, as they would see it.
  • A strong liberal bias. Despite the claim of “reason” in their mission statement, make no mistake, they strongly favor liberal over conservative thought, think only some aspects of libertarianism are worthwhile, dismiss anarchists as generally misguided but not entirely without some good points, and pride themselves on being VERY progressive, especially in recent years. In short, they were always somewhat liberal but not overbearing assholes about it, and are now full tilt SJW style progressive liberals.
  • Intellectually smug: To be honest, this always existed in some form there, though they were generally self aware in their earlier years, mostly did this to piss off Conservapedia, and could even have reasonable debates on both sides of an issue without being raging dicks about it. In recent years, they have become unironic smug bastards who give lip service to debate, but only so they can mob you with how stupid you are, in the hopes you’ll leave in shame, and they take perverse pleasure in being dickheads about it. This applies ESPECIALLY to social justice warrior talking points, trust me, THEIR MINDS ARE MADE UP, DO NOT TRY TO CONVINCE THEM THEY ARE WRONG.

With all that said, in it’s current form, RationalWiki is little more than a circlejerk for arrogant atheist social justice warriors whose mobocracy model leads to the inmates running the asylum, and where totally insufferable dickheads like Ryulong can run hog wild so long as they toe the party line, while even respectful dissent with the majority on any of their sacred cows will lead to being shit on and run out on a rail.

I decided to leave before I was forced out, and while I have little use for them anymore except the articles with useful information they haven’t managed to shit up yet, I otherwise do not recommend anyone take these pretentious would be philosophers in any way seriously, that’s just feeding their already bloated, distended egos.

Instead, having seen the Kiwis are mocking them for being pretentious, pseudo-intellectual jackasses, I just plan to sit back with some beer and pretzels and enjoy the show.