I’ve Made Up My Mind, I’m Supporting Donald Trump

When it comes to presidents, I have to admit I’m really jaded. Bush got us involved in a lot of Middle Eastern crap that led to BS we are still dealing with today, the economy started buckling bad by the time he left office, and Obama was at least partially elected on the virtue of having a black guy in office.

To be fair, Obama isn’t useless simply because of that (anyone who says so is a racist prick), but Obama’s track record is kinda crap in retrospect, with his health plan imploding politically, the fact he basically reneged on his promise to get us out of the Middle East (granted, he did manage to pull it off to a degree for awhile), and I’m not really on board with how wishy washy his foreign policy is nor how he rather foolishly stuck his neck into all those incidents with black guys who got shot for committing crimes (I fall on the side they generally were guilty of their crimes, the people who put them down were more or less justified, and while in a few cases excessive police force might have been used, they were clean shoots in the end).

As for why I’d prefer Trump as president, first off, I like Trump’s illegal immigration stance. Good, we need to enforce the laws against that better, and while I support legal immigration, illegals need to quit parasiting off our country for one simple reason:

They are here ILLEGALLY.

Second, I like Trump’s candor. he’s upfront and doesn’t cloak his words in political doubletalk.

Third, America’s economy is likely going to downspiral soon, having a businessman as president could likely result in better policy to mitigate that fate, especially since Trump is a man who obviously knows how to turn a profit, so I’m more inclined to listen to a man who had made lots of money giving economic advice over a politician who only discusses how they want to spend it.

Four, Trump obviously hates political correctness. Good for him, it’s led to erosion of our constitutional freedoms, enabled the SJWs to corrupt academic institutions and try to force laws to let them be assholes without restraint and criminalize dissent against them, and I hope a guy who has no tolerance for that will be in the Oval Office.

Finally, I don’t think a lot of the other candidates. Bernie Sanders, while I don’t doubt he’s a nice guy, he proved to me I cannot trust him to defend my civil liberties when he let his own be violated by criminals seizing his own stage and he did nothing to protect his right to freedom of assembly. If he won’t stand up for his legal rights, how can I trust him to defend mine?

As for Hilary, I don’t trust a word she says, and the fact she’s beloved of the SJW set is only a bigger sign why she would be a viper in the bosom of the government.

As for everyone else, I don’t really think they are gonna make it.

Basically, I look forward to Trump 2016 to sum this up, how about anyone else?