Leigh Alexander: Do you have a soul?

I thought, while Leigh Alexander might have been unusually honest for an SJW and admitted up front cultural fascism (excuse me, “it’s her job and that of other gaming journalists to make a culture of inclusiveness through her writing and obtuse shitslingers aren’t her audience since gamers are over”) was a good idea, even her profound love of throwing down brews might have sedated her into NOT saying things that make me wonder if she had any tact whatsoever……..boy was I wrong:

Leigh’s full quote, in reference to the recent Planned Parenthood clinic attack and the PlayAsia DOAXBV3 sellout is:

“yo sorry you can’t get a shitty boob sequel from a tanking vintage japanese developer, but women’s healthcare spaces get shot at. grow up”

First, I’m going to address the more important issue: What the hell is wrong with you Leigh? I’m firmly pro-choice, and I’m horrified at what happened, and the last thing I’m going to do is use the bodies of the dead to push my political values. They deserved to be mourned, not to have some partisan hack use them as political pawns, and whoever committed that crime needs to burn in hell as far as I’m concerned.

As for the other topic, shut the hell up for two reasons: Considering you proved so inept at shilling Sunset you brought a game studio down, you’re the last person to speak of a game studio tanking. Second, what the hell does that have to do with something (cold blooded murder) we should be able to agree unequivocally is horrible.

I repeat, what does the sale of a game you don’t like have to do with people whose sadly taken lives were and still are more important than your tacky use of their corpses to score cheap points on Twitter?

You sicken me, Alexander. Personally, I’m not buying DOAXBV3 because I don’t have the system to play it on and don’t plan to buy one, not to mention while it’s a decent volleyball series, it does have some immature jiggling boob crap IMO (though for those who enjoy that, more power to you), but that’s ultimately immaterial, because in end, I have two opinions on your own:

People have the right to buy and play what you don’t like regardless how salty it makes you, and you’re an asshole for using the dead to make hateful remarks to anyone.