Message to Ethan Ralph: Stop Becoming Leigh Alexander 2.0 While You Have A Chance

As someone who had a little of my work published by Ralph, I want to be partial to the guy, but honesty compels me to palm my face pretty hard over what he has become of late.

Apparently, he was having some retarded slapfight with someone, used someone’s death in bad taste as part of a riposte during this slapfight, got called on disrespecting the dead to win a slapfight on the internet, doubled down on it, has been spilling spaghetti all over the place, and recently threatened to sue Team Bro Pill for leaking chat logs that make him look like a POS.

At least, that’s what I can gather from what I’ve heard, and frankly, I could care less about his drama. What I do care about is watching someone I thought was, at one point, a reasonably chill guy suddenly turning into a male Leigh Alexander, only with less booze and more impotent rage.

In fact, I’m downright embarrassed at what Ralph has become. For someone who claimed to give zero fucks about the opinion of other people, he rather shamelessly kisses Milo’s ass (I like Milo too, even emailed him a few times, but I’m no shill, he’s not God), get pissed when people call him on being an asshole (on his own side), and is now threatening to lolsuit people because his feelings are hurt.

My take is this, Ralph: Get some bandaids for your buttcheeks and suck it up, buddy.

One, THIS IS THE INTERNET YOU CRYBABY! Everyone who isn’t an SJW knows the internet is full of assholes and shit talkers, you should know the proper response to this shit. Hell, you have an ED page and even the Kiwi Farms started laughing at your ass recently, and given how childish you’re acting lately, can’t say I blame them.

Two, just because not everyone loves you is not an excuse to bitch about it. Shit, I’ve gained enemies that refuse to forgive my fuckups, but I can’t please everyone, neither can you, and when you are called on being a dick, you either stand by what you’ve done till death and refuse to be moved by shit talk or apologize, and either option is more mature than what you’ve done Ralph, which is to spill spaghetti over getting your ass crawled.

And three, you want to sue people for shit talk………


Think about the implications to that, Ralph, you’ve just became those whiny SJWs you’ve shit on for acting just as petty. As someone who finds hypocrisy appalling, yours is pretty sad to witness.

But in all seriousness, if you do want to save yourself, do what I do when I fuck up: fall on your sword, admit it, apologize and toss aside your pride, and do whatever it takes to get people’s respect again even if it means eating a ton of crow.

Yes, Ralph, I know that’s not a pleasant prospect, but if you want to save what’s left your reputation while you can, you’d better be prepared to bow and scrape in front of everyone you pissed off.

It’s the willingness to do that that separates us from the pious hypocrites you’ve called out and are, to my regret, becoming part of, so while you have a chance to claw your way out of the grave, for God’s sake, please take it.

Post script suggested by XenoKriss

XenoKriss on Voat wanted me to comment on how Ralph’s expression is getting attacked and silenced because he offended people, and since I agree it’s worth talking about, here’s my take:

Ralph, you should not have to apologize for your personally held beliefs nor your expression of them, and I advise you don’t recant them. However, when you offend people or you are aware you will offend people, either you include a disclaimer in advance you know it will be offensive, apologize beforehand, and then just ignore any further bad reaction since you gave due warning, or apologize people took your opinion so badly, but refuse to apologize for being true to yourself.

By the same token, I’m not thrilled about Ralph getting his speech shut down simply because he offended people. Okay, it’s abrasive, tacky, and offensive, but so is ED, and I’d rather face a firing squad than watch a place like ED be shut down simply because of the whim of an offended soul, so for everyone trying to drive Ralph off the internet simply for rustling jimmies (and that alone), while he might be acting like a whiny asshole right now, you guys don’t come off much better.

If he’s being a POS for other reasons unrelated to whatever he says on his blog (from what I know of the chat logs, which I haven’t read in detail, that’s what all the moves to get his Google Ads yanked is apparently over), I confess I’m not well versed in what he’s done aside from that to enrage people, but if it’s that bad, then people should follow their conscience.

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