Milo Threw The Gauntlet At Your Feet Twitter, You Picking It Up?

When Milo got de-verified from Twitter for reasons they refuse to elaborate, he refused to take that lying down. Instead, he encouraged everyone to become Milo too, and he got a ton of support for it. Meanwhile, the censors and bigots of the SJW crowd were overjoyed to see Milo stripped of a blue check mark.

But Milo is not mad over the check mark, he’s mad over something more meaningful: Twitter is showing blatant favoritism to certain groups on it’s service and is too cowardly to admit it, and since openly banning Milo would cause an even bigger firestorm, someone foolishly thought by removing his verified status they’d be able to weather the storm and move on.

Instead, they got a massive amount of people openly calling them on their shit and saying up front they’d walk out on Twitter, which can’t afford to hemorrhage any more users, as they are teetering on the edge financially, and let’s face it, SJWs drive out all but voices they approve of and are bad for business, yet Twitter seems to want to die on the hill of showing them favoritism. If so, so be it, just have the basic decency to tell everyone but the right thinkers to leave already and they’ll gladly accommodate you and watch you go under financially, all they want is for you (Twitter) is to find your balls and tell us what sides are protected citizens and who isn’t.

That all we ask. Until then, keep silently supporting SJWs and silencing speech on your platform while your stock plunges. Keep silencing certain political views while those you protect committ the same crimes they allege we commit, just be honest about it and we’ll piss off already, we’re already prepared to look for another service anyway since yours is tanking by pandering to cultural authoritarians.

Until then, keep trying to silence us quietly while letting our bigoted opposition be as vile as they please without punishment, we’re used to the slings and arrows they themselves can’t receive without crybulling about it, even when justly earned by virtue of their own harassment of us.

In the meantime, I’m just going to be glad I’m no longer on your sinking ship and watching your plunging stock report with a smile with one thought on my mind:


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