Now That I’ve Read The Chat Logs, Here’s My Take On Ethan Ralph, And It’s Not Pretty

Jan 24, 2016 · 4 min read

I’ve been reading those chat logs that were released, and before, I was under the impression Ralph had become a monster by letting his “give no fucks” attitude go to his head and he started attacking his own allies over retarded slights, and my last Medium post was basically advising him to cut that shit out or whatever he was doing to piss people off, apologize, and eat however much crow he had to before everyone hated his guts.

After reading those chat logs, now I know how Leon Jaworski felt after listening to Nixon’s tapes during the Watergate Scandal.

(The chat logs can be found here)

In fact, let me go over what turned my stomach in particular:

  • Ralph, I get it, some people, especially certain women, piss you off, but going out of your way to be an asshole to them and constantly refer to them as “cunts” just makes you look like a total jackass, and on behalf of all the women you regarded with such contempt, I’d like to apologize to them in your stead because your venomous, vulgar contempt for them as women and as human beings turns my stomach.
  • Ralph, fine, you run a blog, you are not an official news organization, but you still produce op ed pieces about real people and events, and while I have liked some of your work, doing blatant attack articles out of spite is just pure SJW horseshit. I might have written some scathing work about certain individuals (like Brianna Wu), but it’s because Wu is a chronic liar who has abused the public trust with their deceptions. Spite is a shit motive for writing about anyone and just makes you look like a butthurt exile from Encyclopedia Dramatica, not a blogger attempting to be a muckraker. Basically, your motives for your “journalism” are very petty and shitty.
  • I also saw you run spam bots to boost your SEO, Ralph, or at least you support your allies doing so. Well, as someone who hates spam and spammers since they are the parasites of the Web 2.0 world, all I can say that is polite is that you’re an asshole of the highest order for allowing more spam to clog the internet.

NOTE: I received the following response from Ralph himself via email soon after publication of this article on the veracity of this point: “I didn’t use a spambot, you dumb son of a bitch. It was a bot inside the Slack that posted my articles in the group whenever I published. That’s not running a spambot to boost my SEO, you stupid, lying, fuck.”

  • I also saw you whore clickbait to GamerGate. That another SJW thing for you to do, and frankly, you need to stop that shit.
  • I also noticed a recurring theme of hypocrisy, Ralph, such as you claiming you’re an independent but shamelessly kissing Milo’s ass. Okay, look up to the guy all you want, but don’t pretend you’re your own man then ram you nose up his asshole by shilling the shit out of him and Breitbart. Milo’s a nice guy and I do like some of his work, but he’s a flawed member of the human race like the rest of us, and while he might enjoy it, it’s more than a little pathetic watching a guy who goes on about being an independent licking the balls of a professional journalist even if it means encouraging them to write clickbait BS.
  • What I found really galling was your casual approval of using the dead body of a girl who committed suicide to attack someone. That was a dick move of the highest order and if you want to do that, go ahead, but just keep in mind that makes you a fucking shithead to me for taking a time to mourn the departed and instead using it to further a spiteful slapfight with someone, and even if you don’t apologize, just know I think you’re a flaming bag of dog shit for milking a tragic death for revenge, and your further doubling down on that makes you such an asshole I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.
  • I saw Ralph’s contempt for the idea of ethics in GamerGate. Considering that’s one of the reasons I became a GGer, all I have to say to say is, with all due respect, fuck you Ethan Ralph, you’re a jackass.
  • I saw a lot of Ralph’s friends are basically what happens when /cow/ and /baph/ have a one night stand and the resulting mutant is a usually a viscious turd who likes to be the same shithead I oppose SJWs for being, and Ralph, you seem to have a lot of company I’d be ashamed to introduce to my family, especially considering how they gleefully admit they like fucking with people and being hateful for the hell of it. The constant theme of trying to ram their politics down people’s throats was pretty disgusting too. I don’t take that BS from SJWs, and I sure as hell am not taking it from anyone else.

I could go on and on, but those chat logs made me pissed as hell, and I frankly wanted to puke after seeing all the bile Ralph and most of his associates spewed, and while I’m no angel myself, there a difference between venting poison privately about people you don’t like and letting it fester and manifest in being a massive dickhead who uses their platform to be the same kind of SJW shitheel they otherwise deride, just from an alt right perspective.

In short, now I have a much better idea why people are pissed at Ralph, and while I still don’t have a personal dog in this fight, Ralph and his associates won’t get the slightest solicitude from me so long as they persist in being a band of spiteful dicks lashing out at people and using GamerGate as shield for doing so.

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