The Patreon Leaks And My Take On Them

First off, want to get out there that I condemn the fact they were done at all. Regardless whether they screw over a bunch of people whose actions I have every reason to despise, their leaking was done by criminals compromising private data that should not have been released, and even though I’m pro-GG, anyone who donated to anti-GG SJWs in good faith who did not want their data exposed has my most abject sympathies.

However, now that that information has been spread all over the internet, I must confess I’ve taken a look at some of it, and I can say, to this point, I have not, thankfully, seen any CC data or anything else that could cause actual financial damages. Mass embarrassment, but little more for the most part.

However, it’s on that front the leak confirmed a lot of what I suspected about my esteemed opposition.

  • Patreon donations are inflated for quite a few SJWs, with obvious socks and incestuous financial donations swapped between SJWs in cahoots to make it seem like they get much more than they actually do.
  • What a lot of SJWs don’t admit is that, frankly, a lot of their donations have gone up in smoke not long after they occur, as a lot of them were done just to nudge the number on the donation page up for “see, people DO think I’m important” reasons.
  • The sheer amount of guys throwing money at the SJW ladies is astounding. I’m sure some have donated in good faith, and I don’t begrudge that, but I know many of them are the “I shall protect thee, yon faire maiden” white knight crowd, and if those idiots want to throw their money at someone because they have a vagina and not because their work or character makes them worthy of the money, well, it’s their money, but then it merely gives truth to that saying about fools and their money in my view.
  • While I’m not going to name a lot of names out of respect for the privacy of the parties involved, I will bring up Randi Harper, who brought up the situation on her Twitter. From what I can tell and what various trolls and hackzorz have discovered, it seems her uberbloated Patreon is so large due to donating to herself and SJWs falling all over themselves to circle wagons around their own. Hilarious, really, since Harper has, to date, coded a poorly made block bot script and runs an ephemeral organization to stop all the internet harassment crimes she herself has committed about as often as she breathes air……why anyone would waste money on such a parasitical nebbish is frankly beyond me.

Anyway, I shall go no further before this turns into an extended ugly gloating session over their misfortune, as, and I repeat my earlier statement, this leak never should have happened. However, now that the information has been made public, it did prove illuminating, and in regards to someone like say, Brianna Wu, for whom I have no pity whatsoever after being libeled by him despite publicly posting our conversations (which didn’t help, that scum had the audacity to lie about me anyway on Twitter), I struggle to feel sympathy for any embarrassment this may have caused them.

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