This is What A Social Justice Warrior Brigade Looks Like

It seems someone named Kimberly Crawley (a frequent poster on GamerGhazi, which ironically despises and loathes brigade tactics) has laid out a fatwa on a journalist who dared report facts. Let’s break down the stupid in her fatwa, shall we?

(my comments in regular font, the idiocy in italics)

Apr 10, 2016 — Hello Alison Rapp supporters!

It turns out that some asshole named James Wynne from some website I’ve never heard of, GameZone, is claiming that Alison worked as a prostitute in the past, and that’s obviously clear justification for Nintendo to fire Alison!

One, lovely, you admit ignorance of the site and the author of the piece that got you mad, that you find the evidence against Rapp bullshit and likely have refused to consider if there is any truth to it, and believe working as a sex worker is not justification for Nintendo to fire her.

Kim, even if you are right, responding to evil with evil only perpetuates evil. Second, the evidence is overwhelming, and has been proven by extensive crosschecking, right down to the same photos Rapp took of her regular persona and alter-ego having provably been done by the exact same camera. Third, prostitution is illegal in the area Nintendo is located in, and they have an image they want to keep, and since it’s an at-will employment state, they had every right.

No, no, no, no, no! Bull-fucking-shit.

Read the above, Kim. Afraid I respectfully disagree.

  1. Slutshaming sex workers is immensely harmful and wrong.

Alison is a grown woman of legal age who has absolute agency of her body and sexuality, no one disputes that, and I’m not going to call her a slut or give her grief for doing what she pleases with her body. I cannot stop those that would, but I won’t, and Mr. Wynne only reported facts known so far, with promises he would make corrections, retractions, and apologies for whatever later turned out to be in error. Further, is this you calling her a slut? Slutshaming only applies if you assume someone is a slut and they are being given grief for it, so it does beg the question, what are your views on her actions, Kim?

2. There’s a gender double standard. If Alison were a man who once worked at Chippendale’s, Nintendo would probably treat Alison differently. And imagine all of the Nintendo of America employees who have paid for the services of prostitutes and strippers in the past!

Mind providing citations? Also, Nintendo would have acted the same way, they want a family friendly image to be maintained by all who represent them, and someone doing illegal sex work does not fit that goal, simple as that.

3. A few sexy photos on the internet is no evidence of a former sex work career.

Clearly you haven’t seen all the dots that were connected. Rapp herself even partially advertised her alter-ego on her main twitter and said alter-ego site went down as soon as the crap hit the fan. If after examining all the evidence you find it nonsense, that’s your business.

4. If Alison actually was a prostitute, NoA wouldn’t have known if a vile hate mob wasn’t targetting her with online abuse!

Which is beside the point. Even if that’s absolutely true, she was doing illegal prostitution in violation of her employer’s public relations standards in regards to maintaining continued employment.

Here’s the Twitter account of this lovely, fine young gentleman who likes to slutshame women:

A call to brigade, huh? I thought it was only those evil GamerGaters who did this sort of vile, hateful act?

Please join me in tweeting him about how awful his article is.

Here’s what I tweeted:

“Slutshaming sex workers is wrong. Shame on you for your sexist article about Alison Rapp!”

I read the article, and that’s a palpable untruth.


I really need you guys to push this petition on social media again.

Please, please, please tweet, and post on Facebook, and Google+. We need a lot more than 534 signatures. thank you, thank you, thank you!

’Til next time,

Well, I’m not going to stand in your way, but frankly, I think you chose a very unwise hill to die on, Ms. Crawley.

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