Who Will Make The Ultimate Sacrifice For Kotaku and Gawker’s Salvation?


Before I go on, the title is not literal, just a metaphor.

That said, it’s no secret Kotaku and it’s parent Gawker have seen much better days, and they have the threat of financial ruin hanging over their heads if they lose the Hulk Hogan case, and even if they win, the costs of the case may be so steep the victory is Pyrrhic anyway.

But the title does not refer to them, it refers to everyone on GamerGhazi and everyone in opposition to GamerGate who nonetheless laud them as quality journalism despite their numerous recorded instances of pissing all over the good name of journalistic ethics to sell sleazy clickbait.

In fact, it reminds me of a scene from a movie by Cloud Ten Pictures called “Judgement” (one of those pre millienialist Christian End Times movies like Left Behind, which I consider bollocks but the below example is still relevant, not to mention it had Mr.T as one of the actors who was enjoyable to watch), in which the Antichrist tries to put God on trial to discredit him in front of the world.

The Antichrist is beloved by most of the world (save the obvious resistance), and at the suggestion of a defense lawyer who is supposed to represent a resistance member in an obvious show trial, the trial is instead changed to discredit God by the Antichrist, partially so he can score a PR victory, partially for shits and giggles.

What the Antichrist doesn’t know is that the defense lawyer (who is told to make a good effort at arguing for God, though knows the verdict has been fixed in advance anyway) has a false Mark of The Beast and has doubts about whether to side with God or not.

For most of the movie, despite punching fairly big holes in the argument God is worthless, the Antichrist has his toadies singing his praises the whole time, all the efforts of the defense attorney are mostly in vain, until the climax of the movie.

The lawyer calls the Antichrist to the stand, establishes the Antichrist’s beloved by all reputation, then asks everyone in the room, if they love the Antichrist so much and believe he’s superior to God, would they take a bullet for him?

To put an exclamation point on this, he points a loaded pistol at the Antichrist (who still is ignorant of the lawyer’s loyalty shift and false mark) and repeats the question to everyone in the room who has mindlessly sung the Antichrist’s praises despite all evidence he’d not return the loyalty they show him in the end.

The entire room is silent. Not one person who claimed to love the Antichrist find the courage within themselves to say they would take a stand for him, doing what they could to be his savior if they had to make a life or death decision.

After this, the defense lawyer puts the gun down, and delivers his closing remarks, saying his point was proven, all those that sided with their false savior only cared about themselves in the end, not one would make the ultimate sacrifice for whom they adore, then he rips off his false Mark, and proclaims he would die for his Savior.

The prosecutor picks up the gun and shoots him, but the defense lawyer refuses to recant in the last few seconds before his life ends, having made his choice and being willing to die for whom he claimed to adore, unlike all the faithless hypocrites in the room who claimed they loved the Antichrist but were too selfish to take the ultimate risk.

My point, as applied to Kotaku and Gawker, is that none of the faithless hypocrites who swear by their journalistic savior will or ever have committed any risk for either party. Not one Ghazi member, not one SJW, not one person who claims Kotaku and Gawker are good journalism have done anything to save them from going under, and when they likely die, I will bet none of them will still be willing to sacrifice money or anything else required to keep them alive as news organs, because despite all their empty praises, they only care for themselves in the end.

As applied to supporters of GamerGate, we’ve proven more than once we will take a metaphorical bullet for sites and people we adore, donating our time, interest, and attention to saving those we claim to adore, and we’ve proven by words and deeds our praise is not empty, and those we laud as our journalistic saviors we’ve been willing to sacrifice for.

However, when Kotaku and Gawker draw their last breaths, I doubt any of those who supposedly claim to love them will be willing to do the same.

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