Why We Should all Quit Agonizing Over Twitter

Disclosure: I’m permabanned from their service, so I have a bias, bear that in mind.

Twitter recently saw the departure of Adam Baldwin and has been openly banning people with views they don’t like, and for the longest time they have been censoring hashtags and shadowbanning tweets from users on their shit list, and despite all the horseshit spewed by the opposition claiming we’re full of it, I have but one rebuttal: If we’re so full of crap, why can we present evidence in favor our position but you guys can just offer denials without evidence in return?

But enough about that, I don’t really care in the end.

What is obvious is that Twitter has chosen to die on the hill of SJWism. They don’t care about their profit margin, they don’t care about user growth, and as long as they have enough gullible investors keeping them from going out of business, they will pander to the worst demographic possible because they themselves are utterly infested with people who clearly want a hugbox and will listen to disreputable people like Randi Harper about how to make the hugbox better instead of keeping around a viable userbase.

Believe it or not, I support their decision.

They want a hugbox, let them have it. Everyone pissed should just leave the site in mass numbers, and here’s why. Everyone who isn’t a fan of making a hugbox makes the site grow. It’s proven fact. Even Twitter’s SEC filings admit their userbase has contracted because they don’t attract new users, and since the people wanting a hugbox want to toss out the undesirables, guess who the undesirables are?

That’s right, those of us who want a free exchange of opposing views the hugbox fans cannot tolerate yet are the only ones who, as #JeSuisMilo proved, keep a big crowd around, and they would rather watch Twitter become a gutted shell of itself rather then let it profit by allowing heretics.

Good. Given most of these idiots have proven they can’t turn a profit on anything involving a capitalistic enterprise (remember, most of these people unironically believe in communism even though capitalism is the only reason Twitter ever got off the ground), I say all the pissed people should just mass delete their accounts and leave Twitter as a ghost town of ISIS recruiters, SJWs, and bots and laugh as even all the investors pouring money into the bottomless pit can’t help since Twitter proves that poor at making good use of it.

Because, let’s face it, those are the only users they don’t ban.