Online Store and Amazon FBA, Should I or shouldn’t I?

So after Hearing about this DS Domination Blossoming into INFINii, I started looking around for success stories and what I found Is that people have bewen doing this for quite awhile before INFINii or even DS Domination was around.

Let’s face it head on shall we? Most of the stuff you see available on Amazon or Ebay or even Shopify are made in China in the first place, right? So what’s to keep people from duplicating my efforts or even worse; undercutting me to the point where I can’t make a profit?

Should I be scared of stepping out in Faith and getting into INFINii Drop Ship Coop? Seriously, that’s not me at all. I’m the guy who get’s quiet and listens to the Lord and see if I get the go ahead or not.

Well, it looks like I’m in. They’re supposed to launch any day now. I like the idea of having a place to latch onto like “the CO-OP” (sounds like the ‘borg collective’ to me lol) and have a company get me started first. It makes sense right?

Am I gonna encounter things unexpected? I guess I can expect that. But seriously $49 a month to get my feet wet and learn before I do much risky stuff that newbies can do aint too much to worry about.

What exactly IS HIJACKED ON AMAZON, anyway. Evidently it’s when someone finds your product for sale and finds it in China and sells it for cheaper than you?

So they are saying the solution is to bundle items together like if you sell something, bundle it with a nice case or something.

I was watching a video where the lady was telling the five mistakes she made that you can avoid if you know about them and I remember one of them was NEVER sell anything for less than $10 profit.

What a learning experience this is going to be eh?

I’ll keep you posted!