Google is not your friend?

I discussed our block from Google with some of my closest friends today, as I was thinking about it all day and it really bothers me, at the same level a Disturbance in the Force or glimpsing an alien in my bathroom would.

Google, at least, a long time ago, before the existence of online “safe spaces” had a central argument — we have no control over search results as it represents the content of the internet as seen through the eyes of an algorithm. We do not moderate our search results, and will delete infringing links in the case of a DMCA or an abuse report.

Actually, their argument was very similar to 8chan’s.

The reason this bothers me so much is it seems to me like Google has abandoned the same policy we use, and a policy that U.S. hosted websites have held to for a very long time.

When Google blocks a link for DMCA, it blocks a specific link on a domain, not an entire domain. The DMCA message is well known among users of the web, “In response to a complaint we received under the U.S. Digital Millenium Copyright Act…and has 11,000 results.

I decided to check if the exact phrase place we use is common on Google, I mean, I’d expect it to have been leveraged on plenty of other image hosts, like Twitter, Reddit/Imgur, and maybe one of the ones that constantly spam 8chan (hold your laughter, please).

However, the exact phrase Google added to our search results…“Suspected child pornograhy has been removed from this page.” has only 10 results across the entire internet.

Is it possible that someone working at Google singled out 8chan? I imagine it must be hard to get a top 5k site in the USA removed completely from Google’s index.

It doesn’t really bother me if Google never reindexes us — most of 8chan’s traffic is direct, and they have made it nearly impossible for people sending us DMCAs to find us (thanks).

But I simply cannot understand why we were singled out with such an obscure message Google rarely uses. It absolutely baffles me.

The real question is, 8chan doesn’t control what people upload and can only act after the fact — Google doesn’t control what its search engine indexes and can only act after the fact.

If the bigger one of us gives up this fundamental doctrine how long until the smaller one is forced to?

Good luck today, Anonymous.