How to become a successful Freelancer in a short period of time:

Well, if you came here to this article hoping to find the step-by-step on how to be an awesome, great, happy and profitable Freelancer, I'm sorry to tell you that you came to the wrong place. And you are not at the right place because I truly don't know how to achieve this!

But let me tell you more about how my life is and how my life was one year ago:

At this exactly month in 2016 I was a single woman, living in São Paulo with my parents and with my brother. I was working in a good company and I was achieving my space in there. I was about to be promoted and I was proud of myself.

Right now, March of 2017, I'm married, living abroad in Germany and without a regular Job. I do not speak German (not even a bit) and I have no professional contacts in here. I’m starting from scratch and it is super hard!

The change my life took would be hard enough (changing the comfort and the love of my family and friends to a life in another cold country with now my husband, who is as far from his family and friends as I am) but to add a bit of a drama in it, I’m living in a place with a completely complicated and hard language (that I have no idea when I’m gonna learn it) and I work with communication, with digital marketing. So, you can see the problem, now!

Ok, I know I'm still young and I'm able to make this crazy turn over with my life without great risk. But when you already have a profession, a name in the field and an ego it is hard to left it all behind and start all over. Sometimes I think about how easy it would be for me to work again in Brasil. I think about how many great contacts and friends I have there and I start getting desperate thinking about how I have nothing of this here in Berlin. How I'll need to go after my goals with twice the effort, even more.

But, after 6 months here, I’m starting to see the changes and I’m starting to build my name. I have one good client, I have 5 prospect ones, I’m studying this crazy German language and, piece by piece, I’ll be professionally happy again. I don’t know how long it will take but I’m on my way :) Yes, it is hard and it takes you out of your comfort zone. But, at the end, this is the beauty of all of this!

So, my tip for you who is thinking about making this crazy move or for you who are in the same situation than me, is: it is hard, sometimes you are gonna doubt your capacity, sometimes you will need more support from your loved ones than you ever imagined, but at the end it is a great experience. You’ll know how you will behave in a completely different situation, you will get to now yourself better, you’ll be your own boss, you will make your own time and you will work harder than ever.

And, it may take time, but someday you will start collecting the joys of being a freelancer, so don't give up!