Overnight at the Hospital

Frank is reading the Bible out loud for Mommy, her favorite Psalms. Treasa and I are staying overnight at the hospital, along with Dennis, Frank, and the other Joel.

Mommy’s been more animated today than yesterday. She seems stronger, but he BP is still high at times. She eats on her own now, with her hands. And she’s able to pee more now.

I’m more hopeful now. I don’t want to jinx it, but so help me God, there’s still a chance she could pull through.

The brothers Harry and Carlo came by along with Rustan for a healing session. I joined them but I didn’t use Panic Healing — the Violet Flame I projected never passed through my body. Harry, Carlo, and Rustan are using a technique that on the outside looks like Panic Healing, except they don’t throw the discordant energy to a basin of salt and water, they seem to just throw it upwards. There are other differences but not worth noting; energy is energy, no matter what you call it, whether Pranic Healing, Reading, or what have you.

Anyway that’s how weird our family is. Esoteric, plus medical by way of my own Mom.

Speaking of, my Mom did something very generous without telling us. We just found out from hospital staff.

Today was better than yesterday. I’ll take it and be grateful for it.

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