A calendar year of 2015….

There is one thing, I have been doing for couple of years now is checking the photographs for the events that happened throughout the year, and keeping it as my year-book-gallery. As I scroll through my gallery today, I realize a lot of stuff has happened, in so called “day to day activities” in year 2015 that have impacted me, changed me, helped me, broken me, surprised me and will be amongst the “things to be remembered” .

As I lay in my comfortable bed in a room in Mumbai, I see myself in a much better place than I was a year ago with a couple of pieces, and more confused than what I was a year ago with a lot of pieces. There are pieces of the puzzle which are yet to fall in place.

I have done things in this year that I always wanted to do , and things that I never imagined to do. And this is what I really liked about 2015. Doing things that never belonged to me. It all started with one thing that builded confidence and then the other. Now as I scroll through the pics, I cherish the moments I have. Doing things that I don’t think I was capable of . Well thats how it should be, isn’t 😊.

I also turned a quarter this year ( For those who don’t know ‘quarter’ , it means 1/4 so I turned 25 , of course I am assuming I will live long 100 years FTW .. I am clarifying because someone asked me what do you mean when you are say you turned quarter). Anyways, so turning 25 in 2015, has made me realize that things I have, are not going to stay forever and I need to be grateful for the things I have. Time is continuously passing by and every character, every place, every event happening will not remain the same. Sometimes, I so wish I had that Hermione time turner that I could use ⌛️ .

I am also thankful to all.

I am thankful to my family for having me, understanding me , for their love and for being my support system always. Thank you for bearing with me one more year. Without you guys I will not be the person I am today. There is nothing in this world I love more than you guys.

I am thankful to my friends , the strong ones that still keep the bond tight between us and the new ones that I made and also the ones that walked out. The love that each one of you have shown, is what is holding me together.

Holi ‘15

Old friends taught me that even though we live a thousand kilometers apart and don’t meet more than twice a year I can count on them for everything and when we meet we are still the best.

New friends taught me that its easy to start a connection and grow it into friendship which turns into a bond.

Walked ones, well you never were meant to stay, thank you for whatever happened between us. It will be remembered.

It has been one spectacular year one of years that I mark as growing up. To all the things that happened in year 2015 …..One last time 🍻