Instagram just stay as you are….

It’s been a while since Instagram posted this which says that they are going to change the order in which the posts appear in my feed now. As for the reason they say

“You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most.”

“You might care” there is a might. As a rant, dear sir - my interests also change as I see new content. I try to explore and read on that. I should get to choose what I want to see.

As of history, Facebook now the parent company of Instagram did the same thing back some years. And now when I look at the content on my Facebook feed I only see crappy news. All I see are random stupid articles saying — this is the best thing to see on internet today which actually is utter nonsense and waste of time.
Lived in different areas grown up, educated, and working with different kind of people, I have different social circles, and have friends added on Facebook who actually like this spice (which I also do sometimes, as of when I want to kill time or have got bored of cat videos). But seeing that full feed annoys me. To help it out then, Facebook allowed me ‘show first’ content along with notifications. Now every morning I get 20 notifications from 20 different pages that I actually want to see some news from and clubbed notifications saying 5 new posts, asking me to click and go their page to see new posts. Overall the content from my feed has gone from value 100 to 1. It all started with feed algorithm being changed and over years now I see the difference.

I fear the same fate from Instagram. I actually liked the timely ordering of feed. It gave me idea of whats happened and when. 
See time always ticking. ⌛️

Also, there is one other problem. Coming up for new brands/influencers to gain good amount of followers. (On that note you can follow on Instagram at @oyehoye__ ).I will really have to come up with epic competing content if I really need to get followers against a brand/influencer who already has got a million. Along with that even if I do manage to, its a friction to move people. As an example, people are still using craigslist against better alternatives, because thats what they have always used and have seen. What’s better doesn’t bother them unless its getting them complete things.

For me its seems like a Internet is moving towards a closed system now. Everyone is trying to end the freedom of internet to choose the content. The same freedom which actually made these now big players BIG are trying to end it.