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The October Stargate begins tomorrow, 10.10.2020 and goes on for 10 straight days. This is in the middle of a two Full Moon Moon, our first Full Moon was on October 1st, 2020 and our second Full Moon, a Blue Moon, is on October 31st, 2020.

Prior to the month beginning, I was given the information to be aware that THIS month will act like the ebb and flow cycle of The Full Moon, those 4 days of the Full Moon, repeating over and over all month long, making for a SUPERCHARGED MONTH of managing intense energies — not to mention what goes on in Stargates. …

The Healing Butterfly: Special Events

Tarot & Oracle Zoom One-On-One With Infiniti

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The Equinox is on Tuesday, 9.22.2020 — at 0 degree Libra. The sign of balance, justice, a day to become as neutral, in that zero point as possible.

The Equinox is when we have equal time of light and dark, day and night on that day. When this happens a Gateway opens allowing for our greater awareness-for us to tap into our Soul, our Spirit Guides and receive the information that will help us on our journeys.

This day is about balancing the light and the dark. There’s been too much dark for too many of us.

On this special day we can choose to tip the scales back in our favor, it is when we can choose to look at what’s been in our way, within us and outside of us — FEAR in many shapes and forms, sizes and threats play a role in our life that we have accepted, it’s a part of life to deal with fears, our own and each others and the reasons why they come up, why we are blocked why we do destructive things to ourselves and each other. …

The Healing Butterfly: Events

Be Intentional About Your Evolution & Upgrades

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She Meditates, Watercolor By Infiniti, A Work In Progress-Photo By Infiniti

Tomorrow is the New Moon, officially at 4:00 AM Pacific, in the constellation of Virgo, in the Zodiac Sign of Virgo for September.

Happy Birthday, Virgo Souls!

This is a reminder that I have set up a Gathering of Souls for tomorrow to welcome in the New Moon, to discuss a variety of topics, to share and learn and teach and I will guide a meditation.

I was guided today to circle back to the topic of working with our 3rd Eye, and naturally activating, releasing and working with it and our optic nerves that run through both eyes and to the Pineal Gland. …


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